Totally Free Group Payment App – Splitwise

Have you ever tried splitting up of money in the group? The task is not only tedious but also irritating to keep track of changes. For that purpose, the group payment app, which also happens to be the group fun app, is here- Splitwise. It makes one of the most tedious tasks of bill splitting easy and fun.

With Splitwise, you can now send instant IOUs and settle your debts using payment modes such as Paytm, PayPal or Venmo. The simple user interface also makes it possible to use the group payment app easily for anyone. In case any of your friends, roommates or even colleagues has not yet made an account with Splitwise, an invite is sent automatically when you add their contact to the group. This allows every group member to be up to date with the settlement.

The features that make this app the best expense-keeping app

  • It’s completely free

The app is absolutely free that makes it very appealing to use. It’s a simple way to keep a record of every single detail that used to be irritating and time taking at one point of time. All your expenses related problems would be easily sorted out in no time and for no cost.

  • Keeps regular check

You may sometimes forget about checking upon your last month expenses, which can lead to calculation disasters. With group payment app- Splitwise you can not only work out expenses easily and also keep a regular check on the accumulated expenses.

  • Availability of fairness experts

Sometimes, we get with expenses and cost splitting. At that time we can use a helping hand that could help us out without getting judgmental. This app may be your that friend who can let you know the cost with fairness. The fairness expert of the Splitwise app helps you participate in the research with cool fairness and help you out with sharing problems with their expert advice.

  • Calculate expenses anywhere

Another problem that all of us face is unable to track keep a track of things in middle of nowhere. All of us try to rely on pen and paper, which can be difficult at times. With this app at hand you won’t need to save receipts to keep record of your expenses. You can download the app for your iPhones or Android and can keep adding the expenses as and when they take place. So you can use this app to record and maintain anywhere and at any time for small and big groups as well.

  • Notified reminders

Sometimes, we tend to forget about paying our bills, rents, etc. Splitwise, group payment app makes remembering all the bills easier for you by giving notified reminders. This can be very helpful in case you forget paying someone else back. Friendly reminders are very helpful to keep expenses in check.

App compatibility with other devices

There are many apps available online for expense managing but only a few of them are trustworthy. You must be very sure of what all, your app can do. An app unable to cater to your needs can cause you frustration. So, one must download apps after being very sure about it.

The Splitwise app does not only make the mind-numbing task of splitting bills fairly easy, it also provides a secure platform which can be accessed by you from anywhere to keep your records with your friends straight. Extra features cannot only be distracting but can also hinder the work that the app is supposed to perform. With the simple interface, this free app allows all iPhone and Android users to track the group payments and keep friendships friction free.

Consumers can easily split expenses with friends with the custom settings. In any group, you can select whom you have to split the check with and the group payment app works its fair math to ensure that everyone only pays as much as is needed of them. Once the settlement is done, you can simply close the thread and if you want to check it out later, the activity tab allows you to access it from anywhere. Since the app is cloud-based, the activities are saved offline and updated online. So download the app now to keep your records straight.

Easily share a bill with friends using Splitwise

We often face crises with calculations whenever we go out to lunch or dinner with friends, colleagues or even family members. In this modernized era, where apps are used for almost everything that we do, Splitwise is the app, which makes our tedious task of sharing bills with friends much easier. The Splitwise app was recently updated to include new features for connecting easily with friends and share a bill.

Imagine the case where you have recurring expenses that you need to split with your roommate every week or so-the app helps you add up your share with other cost heads. You can evaluate and calculate the sums in any currency and add as many people to edit, as you want. This is also a great app for tracking your expenses when your friends’ circle is planning a party or get together or going on a trip.

How does it work?

The Splitwise app makes sure that you keep your costs right and update them regularly by creating a group of friends who often eat out together or with flatmates who purchase provisions together. The due date of clearing off the bills can also be stressful. The app sends you pleasant reminders via email as well in case you forget your due dates and end up with penalties or unexpectedly cut off electricity and water.

You can also get an automatic prompt from the app when you forget paying back your friends. The Splitwise app keeps the math going over time even when you are offline and saves up the sum in the cloud when you are connected to the Wi-Fi. This makes it easier for you to pay the sum in one go. Piling up the change is not always a great idea when you split the lunch or dinner bills. So, the Splitwise app helps you make a group online and enter the data just like the score of a game.

When the dues reach a reasonable and substantial sum, you can settle via digital wallets or other payment modes. The currency conversion allows you to maintain the thread of expense tracking in your own currency. However, the app doesn’t offer a feature to enter data in more than one currency in the same thread. But then, Splitwise recently introduced a few new features like adding bills and viewing the balances, which make it a cut above its rivals

Even though it lets you shell out your bills, IOUs, and dues directly to the other party via PayPal and Paytm, one can still calculate the total using the app and then pay via net banking or any other e-wallet. As plans are on the go for integration with other payment systems too, it shouldn’t be long before Splitwise allows the users to settle using any online mode they are comfortable with!

Success secret

Splitwise has made a practice of immediately working on their user’s requests regarding the update of the apps and the site as well. The continuous string of updates certainly amps up the speed of processing and enhances the ease of use of the app.

There are a few perks to Splitwise Pro but the free app is also useful for basic calculations. It is particularly handy for college students and young professionals who usually go out for group lunches and dinners but can’t avoid awkward situations with friends when it’s time for settling the debts. This app is also useful for anyone who wants to track his or her spending trends with non-group bills.

In conclusion

Whether you go out frequently or shop for groceries with your roommate or struggle with the electricity bill every month with your flat mates or land owners- this app can make your struggles melt away with a few taps on the screen of your smartphone.

The Splitwise app not only makes your life easier, but also keeps your friendships healthy and your mind at peace. Download now to experience the luxury of hassle-free and super easy bill sharing. The app is available on Play Store and App Store with reviews by more than seventy thousand users. Join the millions of users who are already using the Splitwise app to share household and restaurant bills and much more.

Best Expense Manager App for Roommates

In this world of constant expenditure, everyone needs the best expense manager for making their lives easier. Expenses always seem to be on the rise and tracking them is a hectic task. To keep the bills in check, people go out for group meals and live with flatmates who share the household expenditure.

This is especially common among the younger crowd such as young professionals, working class, college students, etc. But that also has downsides such as friction between friends and awkward situations with dues settlement. However, there’s a new app on the block, which is designed specifically for taking away the unpleasant from group meals and trips.

Pros of Splitwise

The Splitwise app is perfect for the roomies who want to be thoroughly fair while splitting bills such as rent, electricity and water checks. It is also the best expense manager when it comes to split restaurant bills and trip expenses. The simple user interface of the Splitwise app makes it even more useful for tracking one’s spending trends as well.

It works quite simply- all you need to do is sign up using your email id or Facebook id and mobile number which is optional. An account is set up for you and you can choose to add your apartment or a group trip, to begin with. While entering the costs with the title and optional description, you can choose who owes you or whom you owe from your contacts list.

For instance, if you dine out with friends and belatedly realise that you forgot your wallet at home, you can easily track the split bill on the go using the best expense manager and send an IOU to your friend right at the table. In the same way, you can go on using the app with your roommate for splitting monthly shared expenses, like the electricity, water or gas checks, cable or Wi-Fi, or even shared grocery expenses.

The Splitwise app has custom settings for splitting bills. For instance, you can enter the sum and split it equally for a group of two or change the settings for splitting the total by shares or percentage for a group of more than two. The app also uses simple stickers alongside the generic titles such as travel, dinner, shopping, etc. This makes it easier to track spending trends in the activity tab super easily with just a look.

Why it’s the best expense manager?

Get notified via friendly emails when the rent check is due for the month and get a gentle reminder when you miss the due date for paying someone back. The app handles groups in the same way by keeping people connected in the old way- emails. This also means that the app doesn’t connect to social media and wouldn’t publish your data online.

The Splitwise app is more like an advanced calculator and hence, it is undoubtedly the best expense manager in your smartphone. Since mixing money and relationships can be awkward at best and really chaotic and stressful at worst, Splitwise takes away the stress of dealing with uncomfortable situations by keeping everyone connected and ensuring fair bill splits. According to the stats, the Splitwise users have shared more than $1 billion across the globe since its launch.

Integration with payment modes

When it comes to settling of payments, the app saves your data and updates your status when connected to the Internet. There is no option of settling dues and debts directly but you can either choose to pay via PayPal, Venmo or Paytm with which Splitwise has integrated.

Other offline and online modes of payment are also viable for the users and you just need to update the thread for closing the group after settlement. Splitwise doesn’t handle any kind of real money by itself. The app works as a record of expenses and thus; is the best expense manager for those who don’t earn much but need to spend quite a lot for a myriad of things.

This app is generally most useful for college students, young professionals, interns and fellows. But others can use it too for keeping a check on IOUs and group trip expenses. The Splitwise app is the best expense manager tool for keeping expenses and friendships right.

Expense Sharing App For iOS – Splitwise App

Bill splitting and group trips or lunches are common among young professionals, trainees and college fellows who don’t earn too much. But the other side of the coin is settling of debts and clearing off dues, which lead to uncomfortable situations and sometimes friction between friends.

Here is an expense sharing app that makes things easy and simple. The Splitwise app is supported by both Android as well as iOS and is absolutely free for installing and using. You can also download the new version of splitwise for iPhone.
The Splitwise app is the fairness expert when it comes to splitting bills with custom settings. It works great for long term sharing of expenditure and tracking of bills. You can even use it to settle short term and random IOUs with acquaintances and friends.

You can document any kind of cost overheads or payments on splitwise irrespective of the mode of transaction such as cash, net banking and e-wallet transactions. People who live in flats and PGs with roommates often use many modes to transact. You can download splitwise android latest version 4.3.2.

So, this app is perfect for getting simple calculations done right. For all the simple and cool features that Splitwise offers for expense sharing, it is totally free of cost for installing (unless you opt for Splitwise Pro) and easy to operate on iPhone, Android devices and even on the web.

Works simply

You need to sign in using your mobile number and email id for setting up your profile and using the app. Once your profile is set up, you can track your non-group bills and add your friends to groups for sharing the expenses. Whenever you go out to eat with friends, each group member can simply add a new receipt for how much they paid.

The app automatically calculates each member’s shares according to custom settings. The user can split the bill evenly for a group of two or one can specify who owes whom. The app also saves the records in the cloud so that you can access it from anywhere.

When the dues are to be cleared off, the app sends a friendly reminder to the group members to settle the debts via Paytm or other payment modes. Once you clear the dues and shut down a log with other group members, for instance, at the month-end, the app doesn’t feature a search option for you to look up previous threads.

Nevertheless, the app does have a tab which shows previously settled bills. Even so, the app doesn’t handle any money by itself which means that the settlement of dues is not automated. Also, the app does not connect to any social media. This means that the Splitwise app doesn’t publish any of your data to any group without your permission.

Splitwise Reviews

splitwise android reviews

The Splitwise app has a record of working on popular requests by the app users and bringing them to life. No wonder the site brags about remarkable reviews by The New York Times, Business Insider, MSN Money, and many more websites and blogs. Ever since its launch, the app has been on a progressive journey to make expense sharing simple, systematic and hassle-free.

If you have ever faced the uncomfortable situation brought up by bill splitting, download the app now and avail the free assistance to share expenses. It is easy to use the splitwise app, thanks to the recent updates for Android and iOS, which improved many features besides the overall basic views.

Whenever one needs to divide household bills with flat mates, to work out costs for a group holiday, or just to remember when a friend spots you for dinner, this app comes to the rescue.

The splitwise app is extremely handy for people who spend on a myriad of services and products on a regular basis as the app also helps to track the monthly expenses and figure out what you spend most on. Even though it still needs some updates, which would make this app perfect, the itemized bills and simplified debts are a great help for those who struggle with it.

Most people find this super useful and handy for keeping friendships frictionless by clearing off any debts. So if you resonate with the uneasy feeling of unpaid dues, download the app now.

Splitwise The Best Bill Tracker App

Tracking bills and expenses are quite a hassle that we go through every day. This tedious task becomes even more complicated with frequent group lunches and dinners and apartment bills that must be split between roommates.

In today’s modern day and age where there’s an app for everything, you now have a great app for splitting bills easily without any hassles. Splitwise is the best bill tracker app, which can be used for sorting out the group expenses as well as tracking bills.

Getting started


Entering bills in a record and calculating is quite difficult. The Splitwise app is really simple to work around and has an interface, which is user-friendly. All that a user needs to do to begin using this app is sign in with the email id and mobile number. The app automatically sets up a personal account with the signed in name and syncs it to the Internet.

All the data related to the expenses such as title, description, and cost could then be entered into the account just like you would in a physical account. If you want to split bills with friends, you can simply go to the menu and select ‘New Group’. Then you can add your friends via contacts or email.

After creating the group, each member can edit or enter the sum they paid in total and how much each one needs to pay to each other. The IOU amount can be settled later or as soon as you want.

Split bills fairly

Going out to dinners or lunches frequently with friends can result in piled up debts, wrong calculations and even friction between friendships. To avoid all of this, Splitwise calculates and saves all the data you enter and calculates every member’s parts according to the custom settings. In case your group lunches out recurrently, you can choose to settle the amount you owe to your friends all at once at the end of the week or at the end of the month, or you can settle the debts as they add up too.

Splitwise has integrated with Paytm and PayPal to make this possible for you as quickly as you’d want. You can be added to more than one group and if you want to settle with your friends who are mutual for both the groups, you can do so separately for each group or send the total sum at once too. After settling of debts, the thread is closed and is pushed to the background. The app works on tracking the sum you spend for non-groups expenses as well.

Pros and cons:

Even though this is a great app for splitting bills of any kind including restaurant bills, grocery bills, rent, water, gas and electricity checks and even for group trips, the app is still in development stage. It works best for basic and annoying calculations as well as expense tracking.


  1. Tracks expenses and calculates shares fairly and quickly.
  2. The data can be updated in offline mode as well.
  3. Users can add multiple payers for any group or expense.
  4. Integration with Paytm and other payment modes means easy and quick settlement of debts.
  5. Sleek and modular interface with bigger and self-explanatory icons.
  6. Groups and friendships can be exported easily to Spreadsheets.
  7. Random payments can be made between members of any group.
  8. Keeps track of non-group expenditure too.
  9. Special advantages for Splitwise Pro users.


  1. Basic conversion for more than one currency is not available for recording group trip expenses.

    For all the advantages that Splitwise offers and for all the updates that make it a handy app for bill tracking, this app is a great help to those who often go out with friends and colleagues or live with roommates.

    This app is most useful for young professionals and college or University students who look for ways to save up on their limited budget.

But this app can be used by anyone who wants to track his or her expenditure of the month to see what they most spend on. After all, both saving money as well as keeping friendships free from tension is important for a happy life, isn’t that so?

Enlight The iPhone Photo Editor App

Photo editing apps have been around as long as the App Store itself, despite everything these photo editing apps are getting better and better. Another new mobile application called Enlight: The iPhone Photo Editor App has been gaining attention since it launched for iPhone users. It has been launched in the market with an aim to be an app with every function that the users required for photo editing combined into a single app.

With Enlight, you can change color, tone, add filters, details of the image, add effects to pictures and numerous different things. The list of this current application’s features appears to be unending.

This new iPhone Photo Editor App is intended to be capable like Photoshop on a desktop, yet instinctively simple to utilize. Every mobile photographer is aware of the fact that there are many photo editing apps accessible, yet Lightricks says the simple-to-use app format makes Enlight different from other editing applications.

Enlight Your Photo With Best Editing Functions

Enlight App

Enlight indeed is featured stuffed, guaranteeing even the most exceedingly terrible of photographs have a chance to shine. The very first time when you utilize this iPhone Photo Editor App, it can usually annoy you with pop-ups clarifying how every component functions. When you get those off the beaten path, the experience turns out to be great.

Getting around in Enlight With Next Level Features

Better shapes: Many editing apps let you include shapes as overlays, yet with Enlight, you can include brush impacts that paint snowflakes, air pockets, hearts and a few different shapes on to your photograph. Different applications do this editing fair enough, yet Enlight’s designs feel more ultra-fine, making the shapes considerably more appealing for use.

Incredible Tutorials: 
For each Enlight tool, you can directly touch button to perceive how it functions and see a simple illustration of how you may utilize it. Different applications may have an overlay when you first start to bring up what each icon does. However, this iPhone Photo Editor App gives you the full overview of tutorials for each element.

Offer with everybody: 
Enlight gives you a chance to share to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, using email and through Messages. You can also open your picture in a few supported apps for additionally altering.

How to Edit Photos In Enlight?

Enlight coordinates your iPhone’s photo library directly into the editing app interface, making it brisk and straightforward to fetch the picture you need to edit from the Photo Drawer at screen bottom.

You can likewise expand the Photo Drawer just by swiping up from screen bottom. This fills the whole screen with your photos, making it less demanding to look through your pictures: To open an image from the other album, simply tap the Albums choice at the upper left of the screen.

The iPhone Photo Editor App gives eight various editing tools that are helpful in photo editing. The editing tools includes: Canvas, Picture, Filters, Brushes, Tools, Text, Artistic, and Finalize.

Canvas: This option in an edit menu has three primary tools: Refit, Skew, and Crop.

Picture: This option in an edit menu contains three primary tools: Target, Clarity, and Adjust.

Filter: The Filters contains an assortment of preset filter impacts that you can use to change the look and feel of your photographs. There are three classes of filters include Duo, BW, and Analog.

Tools: It has four unique tools for controlling your pictures: Tilt-Shift, Mixer, Heal and Reshape.

Artistic: If you really need to push your creativeness much further, you should experiment with the Artistic devices in Enlight app.
Here you have three essential tools: Sketch, Urban, and Painting. These options can be utilized to change your photographs into an extraordinary digital art piece.

Brushes: This option gives you a chance to draw and paint on your photographs. This area has two unique tools: Effects and Doodle.

Text Option: If you need to add text to your photo or wish to add caption your image, you can only do this with Enlight’s Text device. There are three text choices: Decals, Meme, and Type.

Finalize: The last but not the least option in the app’s editing menu is Finalize. This segment contains four essential tools: Collage, Frame, Instafit, and Border.

The Bottom Line: Enlight: iPhone Photo Editor App lives its guarantee of being a one-stop station for the photo editing, with helpful tutorials to enable you to begin.

Enlight App on App Store Is Making Waves among Users

Even though you own an iPhone with super awesome features, it’s difficult to survive in the social media world without the trending best Photoshop app for iPhone assisting you at every step.

Photography has evolved and iPhone, with its superior camera features, has made a huge contribution to this ever-changing realm of mobile photography.

Enlight App

However, iPhone photography without the super cool photo editing and best Photoshop app leaves your photos like the crude molasses without giving it the chance to be refined into sweet sugar.

With the growing field of iPhone photography, a number of photo editing apps have amped up their features to attract more iPhone users.

While Snapseed is too basic and VSCO is too subtle, Enlight is the new kid on the block, which has digital manipulation turning on its ears to accommodate all the budding photo editing experts.

How it works

Enlight app tools

The photo editing apps are usually for image corrections and enhancements. Enlight is too perfect for that. It boasts of a simple interface, which certainly does not limit the tools it offers including vintage filters, lens blur effects and portrait enhancements.

Portrait mode of the iPhone is loved by one and all. So a photo-editing app that works on enhancing the different aspects of the portrait and brings it to life would be great, right? Well, Enlight would let you literally bring the life into any picture by selective superimposition and color correction.

Enlight doesn’t only allow you to change the mood of your images by tweaking the light and using creative filters or texture effects but also offers a wide range of basic editing tools such as color, exposure, and custom cropping and sharpening of image finely.

In addition to these, one can also remove unwanted objects from your image and make other adjustments by adding mists or textures. This app is perfect for those who are not new to iPhone photography and are looking to unleash their creativity.

Creating trending looks

Enlight app effects

The soft, faded look is trending on Instagram now. So how about adding soft clouds to the dreamy cup of skyscrapers? The weirdest, quirkiest and grandest ideas can come to life with the best Photoshop app for iPhone.

But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t great for simple and basic edits. Most filters of various photo-editing apps can be too overpowering or harsh. Some of the presets offered by Enlight are subtler and often emulate the feel produced by classic films.

This is the go-to app for giving your iPhone photograph an understated, vintage, classic or even futuristic look. Moreover, with the fine tuning of the preset strength, you can no control how much the photograph is altered with editing.

The app also allows you to make in-app purchases for a wider collection of preset filters but the basic collection can be downloaded for free.

Easy to use navigation panel

When you select a photo for editing, the navigation panel shows you a number of options such as canvas, image, filters, tools, artistic, brushes doodle effects. Other pictures from the gallery can also be selected from the panel until you select any edit option.

For more size- specific edits, you can simply change the settings. For the first time users, the app interface makes it really easy to find the Enlight tutorial and an intuitive help option.

Once you select any option such as Canvas, you can access the sub-options such as crop, skew, refit, straighten, rotate and flip. This option lets you add dimension and perspective corrections along with lens distortion.

If you wish to include all the elements of the photo and yet shrink it, the refit option of the best Photoshop app allows you to pull the objects in the photo closer without having to remove it.

With Enlight, you can also remove unwanted objects from the image frame and use double exposure selectively. How does that happen? Why don’t you find out!

Enlight is now a popular name in the field of iPhone photography and for good reason too. Even though it might take some people time to figure out how to use it best, this best Photoshop app offers potential for creativity that no other app can. It is available on the App store for INR 299 only.

20 Best Audiobooks Of All Time – Audible

20 Best Audiobooks Of All Time – Audible

Audiobooks are the modern, instructional, and immersive educational tool perfect for listening and gain knowledge. Introduction of Audiobooks has changed the way of reading, listening as well as the learning process.

Audiobooks have greatly increased accuracy with more than 52%, and it increases the reading speed, improving fluency and expanding vocabulary. Listening to the Audiobooks helps to teach the pronunciation and enhances comprehension level.

When you like to listen to the Audiobooks then choosing the Best audiobooks of all time is of great importance. is a popular title that generates the buzz from the publishers, audio enthusiasts and critics.

The 20 Audiobooks in Audible – A Must Have

Below is the list of 20 Best Audiobooks Of All Time in Audible:
➢   The X-Files Cold Cases: The X-Files: Cold Cases is one of the iconic hit millions of people who are searching more than UFOs in the 90s having the exhilarating audio event. Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny reunited as the FBI Special Agent along with joining the original cast on production.

➢   The Coming StormWeather such as Tornadoes, tsunamis, and cyclones could be deadly as they could strike without any warning. Americans also find themselves mercy of enormous weather condition. Michael Lewis delivers most incredible Audible in the hard-hitting research. The narrative reveals the potential cost for putting the price tag.

➢   Without Saying a Word: The message could not reach the right person even with one wrong move. A smile is considered as most welcoming and distilling decades of the research could also decipher the book with unspoken signals of the facial expressions.

➢   The Lake House: Alice Edevane was living in the lakeside estate in the Cornwall and clever and bright with the 14-year-old boy. She pens no match for mysteries with her family as well as others for enduring more. You would be amazed by listening at “The Lake House” that discover more about a family under any situation.

➢   Everyday Meditation: Are you looking to fight the fatigue or stress with the use of 4-week meditation program? Ceasar F. Barajas is a certified meditation as well as yoga expert who would guide to 20 days of complete meditation. Everyday Meditation is one of the Best Audiobooks of all time that is comfortable to read.

➢   Sleep Better: Getting enough sleep every day is most important for the overall health as well as well being. Listen to Adaptive Sleep Better program for knowing more tips.

➢   Endurance: “Endurance” is new reading for a thrilling account that is quite amazing feats of exploration with increasing courage. The story is about British ship Endurance In August 1914 setting sail for the South Atlantic.

➢   The Fountainhead: The Fountainhead champions are 20th century’s challenging novels with great ideas. Listening to this audiobook is the great comfort for everyone and mind relaxation.

➢   Emma: Emma Audiobook is a beautiful recording of the A-list talent that has been updated from the masterwork of Jane Austen. Emma Thompson is famous for her screenplay for the most sensible scenes that brings empathetic intelligence. The narration of Emma has endured the crowd with the classic.

➢   Feeding the Dragon: Feeding the Dragon is suitable for everyone who is obsessed with imagination as well as the flair for drama. When you imagine everything could be lucky in the modern world of the library. Capturing remarkable childhood of Sharon Washington and autobiographical is quite amazing in Feeding the Dragon.

➢   Girl, Wash Your Face: Rachel Hollis is CEO of a media company and founder of the lifestyle website called as Rachel exposes the misconceptions and lies that are faced by everyone and joyfully for the productivity. Rachel unpacks fearless and honesty humor in the audiobook.

➢   Fear: “Fear” is the famous Audiobook by the famous Bob Woodward and it is about Trump in the White House.” Authoritative reporting have mainly suitable for listening to current statistics. Author Bob Woodward has revealed much-unprecedented detail about the life inside President Donald Trump’s White House.

➢   Girls & Boys: Girls & Boys is one of the amazing play that inscribes the beautiful love story of a boy and girl who met at the airport. Carey Mulligan was the star of lauded drama An Education in which the audiences are quite captivated the audiences. Girls & Boys is from the best Audible Theater production.

➢   Where the Crawdads Sing: “Where the Crawdads Sing” is amazingly perfect for the fans of the famous Karen Russell as well as Barbara Kingsolver. “Where the Crawdads Sing” is one of the Best Audiobooks of all time that have exquisite ode for the natural world with heartbreaking coming-of-age story.

➢   Death in the English Countryside: Reading the “Death in the English Countryside” by Sara Rosett with Rakuten Kobo is quite enjoyable on the go. Jane Austen has aficionado Kate Sharp is quite thrilling when working on lands of the job.

➢   The Obstacle Is the Way: When you are frustrated, stymied or stuck, then it is necessary to implement formula of success of D. Rockefeller who faced impossible situations.

➢   The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by the Mark Manson is one of the generation-defining guides from superstar blogger cutting and stopping the negativity.

➢   The Diabetes Code: The Diabetes Code by Dr. Jason Fung have significantly improved the literacy of the readers and increases the listening capacity. This revolutionary guide reverses diabetes and shows excellent details about type 2 diabetes.

➢   Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Book 1: Harry Potter is one of the greatest fantasy novels of how to harry potter the boy who lived starts hoist journey to the magic world.

A Final Say

Audible is a great platform and has a humungous collection of audiobooks from which a user can choose from.

Download Snapseed For Mac From Mac Appstore

Snapseed is an incredible photo editing app, which includes many more advanced options than most other photo editing software. Even though this app was not developed under the iOS platform, it has been made obtainable for Android and iOS devices. This professional photo editor app enables one to improve their photos through many advanced options like enhancing brightness or adding stylized texts.

Download Snapseed For Mac From Mac Appstore

This app bundles a lot of features and options to make any photo to look extraordinary. The available options are easy to use so anyone can enhance their picture by using the included features.

Experience of using this app in a mobile device:

Snapseed is a versatile photo editing app for a mobile device which provides the user with a friendly interface. That’s why so many users mark this app as their favorite photo editing app. Since no other app offers this many features, once you download it you will get an unbeatable experience like never before.

Now Download Snapseed For Mac From Mac Appstore so that the Mac users can easily download this app. This app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Features of Snapseed:

●   Photos are made easily adjustable using the Tune Image filter. Besides, it has Autocorrect and selective adjust for precise editing
●   A variety of filters such as Drama, Vintage, Grunge and Tilt and Shift
●   You can add borders and frames to the image
●   Finally, one can share the photo on social networking sites, like Facebook and Instagram.

How to download Snapseed for Mac PC?

1.   Download and install Bluestacks emulator on your PC
2.   After the installation of Bluestacks, look for the Snapseed application by searching for the Snapseed for Mac in the search bar and hit the search button.
3.   Once it is found, click the install button to download it.
4.   The app will be downloaded, and you can use the app for photo editing using your Mac PC.

Options Found in the Snapseed app:

Various editing options are available in this app here. A special mention should be made of the Tune Image feature, which has collected great praise from our users.
➢   Tune image: After selecting the correct photo and choosing the AutoCorrect option, your photo is automatically optimized. This option is enough to make your photo look better than ever before.
Then you can make changes in any part of the photo, using the revolutionary Control Points. When you want to enhance the ambiance of the picture, one should try out various filters, frames, and options like Adjust White Balance, Saturation and more. All these features and options make this one of the best photo editors out there, and if you like it, you can Download Snapseed For Mac From Mac Appstore.

Guidance to follow while using Snapseed:

●   First of all, select any photo from the library and then start your editing
●   All the editing options are present under the tools tab
●   So click on that there you can see so many features like lighting effects, glamour, and vignette from that select any of the features.
●   Before going to apply the edit as permanent use thumbnails to make a preview since each feature has so many options you have to select the opted option from that.
●   Once you are done editing click on save and then hit Export which will make you share the edited image. Besides always save the individual image and edited image separately for further use.

How is it considered as best photo editor app for mobile?

Easy navigation and a lot of features make this app the recommended one which allows the user to edit photos like a real pro. You can change your photo the way you like, and once you get used to using Snapseed, the real fun begins:
✓   Alongside the various options found in this app, anyone can download and use it,
✓   The feature called stack will allow you to re-edit any image
✓   Changes which you have made in one photo can be transformed into another photo
✓   Blur lens applies to any portion of the image
✓   Brush and spot repair option will adjust the unequal sides of the image

This unparallel feature consisting app is available in Play Store and Mac App store, so the users of Android and iOS are all set to use this app in their device. If one would like to use Snapseed, it can be Download Snapseed For Mac From Mac Appstore.

Download And Install Snapseed For Windows 10

Pictures and videos of memories play a vital role in everyone’s lives. Nowadays many people tend to choose a Smartphone for taking snapshots of them with friends. With the help of Snapseed, it is easier to have the complete photo-editing application on one’s Smartphone. This app has an ample amount of features which include all of the latest innovations in photo editing. It is one of the best intelligent user interfaces that provide serious tools to enhance the artistic capabilities of the average person, as a direct result of Snapseed. Snapseed is definitely for people who are fond of customizing images and want to share their images, and one should Download And Install Snapseed For Windows 10.

Download Snapseed for PC Windows 10:

Snapseed For Windows 10

More importantly, it is the best Smartphone photo-editing application and can be accessed through PCs, smartphones, etc. Most of the Windows users can also download the Snapseed for Windows PC with the help of emulators, mainly browser emulators and Bluestacks Emulator with more applications.
✓   Find this excellent app on the Google Play Store
✓   Search Snapseed. After finding it, click the Download button
✓   After it is installed, open it and edit your photos with the cutting edge of photo editing technology


➢   An excellent feature of this app is the AutoCorrect button, which automatically optimizes the picture.
➢   It can be used to adjust several features of photos and selfies.
➢   The app provides many unusual and unique filters through which you can enhance a picture.
➢   Also, you can finally fix the blur of a photograph.
➢   One can change the angle of the picture.
➢   There are borders and frames provided which can make the picture look stunning!
➢   The graphical user interface is user-friendly, and images can be edited without causing any extra changes.
➢   It allows sharing of the edited image to social networking sites.
➢   Download And Install Snapseed For Windows 10 is a straightforward process and takes almost no time.

Download Snapseed on Mac

➢     When you are trying to download Snapseed on Mac computers or laptops, you need to install an emulator first and follow the proper steps to download this application on Mac.
➢   One should acquire an android emulator for running this app on a MacOS.
➢   Next, one has to find the website. After finding it, you have to find Snapchat. After doing so, click the download button to download it.
➢   download the Snapseed application for Mac
➢  Now, you can enjoy editing pictures as Snapseed is the best way!

Currently, Downloading Snapseed for Windows and Mac has become the most favorable way for users to edit their images. The full guidance of downloading steps through an easy download and installation has appealed to many, and they recommend Snapseed! iPhone users can download it from here.

How to Download and Install Snapseed for PC?

The official Snapseed for PC and use the Android emulator, which can run all android apps and games on a Windows PC. Most of the Android emulators now are performance driven, such as the famous BlueStacks emulator. To Download And Install Snapseed For Windows 10, follow these steps:
✓   One has to find the Bluestacks website.
✓   Upon finding it, you should immediately download the application itself, as it provides great utility and is of tiny size.
✓   After the download finishes, run the installer.
✓   After the installation is finished, one can finally run the Bluestacks emulator from their desktop shortcut.
✓   Nowadays, you can download the Snapseed APK from just about any file-hosting site.
✓   Install automatically with Double-click in the BlueStacks emulator.