20 Best Audiobooks Of All Time – Audible

20 Best Audiobooks Of All Time – Audible

Audiobooks are the modern, instructional, and immersive educational tool perfect for listening and gain knowledge. Introduction of Audiobooks has changed the way of reading, listening as well as the learning process.

Audiobooks have greatly increased accuracy with more than 52%, and it increases the reading speed, improving fluency and expanding vocabulary. Listening to the Audiobooks helps to teach the pronunciation and enhances comprehension level.

When you like to listen to the Audiobooks then choosing the Best audiobooks of all time is of great importance. Audible.com is a popular title that generates the buzz from the publishers, audio enthusiasts and critics.

The 20 Audiobooks in Audible – A Must Have

Below is the list of 20 Best Audiobooks Of All Time in Audible:
➢   The X-Files Cold Cases: The X-Files: Cold Cases is one of the iconic hit millions of people who are searching more than UFOs in the 90s having the exhilarating audio event. Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny reunited as the FBI Special Agent along with joining the original cast on production.

➢   The Coming StormWeather such as Tornadoes, tsunamis, and cyclones could be deadly as they could strike without any warning. Americans also find themselves mercy of enormous weather condition. Michael Lewis delivers most incredible Audible in the hard-hitting research. The narrative reveals the potential cost for putting the price tag.

➢   Without Saying a Word: The message could not reach the right person even with one wrong move. A smile is considered as most welcoming and distilling decades of the research could also decipher the book with unspoken signals of the facial expressions.

➢   The Lake House: Alice Edevane was living in the lakeside estate in the Cornwall and clever and bright with the 14-year-old boy. She pens no match for mysteries with her family as well as others for enduring more. You would be amazed by listening at “The Lake House” that discover more about a family under any situation.

➢   Everyday Meditation: Are you looking to fight the fatigue or stress with the use of 4-week meditation program? Ceasar F. Barajas is a certified meditation as well as yoga expert who would guide to 20 days of complete meditation. Everyday Meditation is one of the Best Audiobooks of all time that is comfortable to read.

➢   Sleep Better: Getting enough sleep every day is most important for the overall health as well as well being. Listen to Adaptive Sleep Better program for knowing more tips.

➢   Endurance: “Endurance” is new reading for a thrilling account that is quite amazing feats of exploration with increasing courage. The story is about British ship Endurance In August 1914 setting sail for the South Atlantic.

➢   The Fountainhead: The Fountainhead champions are 20th century’s challenging novels with great ideas. Listening to this audiobook is the great comfort for everyone and mind relaxation.

➢   Emma: Emma Audiobook is a beautiful recording of the A-list talent that has been updated from the masterwork of Jane Austen. Emma Thompson is famous for her screenplay for the most sensible scenes that brings empathetic intelligence. The narration of Emma has endured the crowd with the classic.

➢   Feeding the Dragon: Feeding the Dragon is suitable for everyone who is obsessed with imagination as well as the flair for drama. When you imagine everything could be lucky in the modern world of the library. Capturing remarkable childhood of Sharon Washington and autobiographical is quite amazing in Feeding the Dragon.

➢   Girl, Wash Your Face: Rachel Hollis is CEO of a media company and founder of the lifestyle website called as TheChicSite.com. Rachel exposes the misconceptions and lies that are faced by everyone and joyfully for the productivity. Rachel unpacks fearless and honesty humor in the audiobook.

➢   Fear: “Fear” is the famous Audiobook by the famous Bob Woodward and it is about Trump in the White House.” Authoritative reporting have mainly suitable for listening to current statistics. Author Bob Woodward has revealed much-unprecedented detail about the life inside President Donald Trump’s White House.

➢   Girls & Boys: Girls & Boys is one of the amazing play that inscribes the beautiful love story of a boy and girl who met at the airport. Carey Mulligan was the star of lauded drama An Education in which the audiences are quite captivated the audiences. Girls & Boys is from the best Audible Theater production.

➢   Where the Crawdads Sing: “Where the Crawdads Sing” is amazingly perfect for the fans of the famous Karen Russell as well as Barbara Kingsolver. “Where the Crawdads Sing” is one of the Best Audiobooks of all time that have exquisite ode for the natural world with heartbreaking coming-of-age story.

➢   Death in the English Countryside: Reading the “Death in the English Countryside” by Sara Rosett with Rakuten Kobo is quite enjoyable on the go. Jane Austen has aficionado Kate Sharp is quite thrilling when working on lands of the job.

➢   The Obstacle Is the Way: When you are frustrated, stymied or stuck, then it is necessary to implement formula of success of D. Rockefeller who faced impossible situations.

➢   The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by the Mark Manson is one of the generation-defining guides from superstar blogger cutting and stopping the negativity.

➢   The Diabetes Code: The Diabetes Code by Dr. Jason Fung have significantly improved the literacy of the readers and increases the listening capacity. This revolutionary guide reverses diabetes and shows excellent details about type 2 diabetes.

➢   Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Book 1: Harry Potter is one of the greatest fantasy novels of how to harry potter the boy who lived starts hoist journey to the magic world.

A Final Say

Audible is a great platform and has a humungous collection of audiobooks from which a user can choose from.

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All you need to know about audible app

Audible app is a listening app for your iPhone. Well-known speakers narrate many well-renowned books so that listeners could listen and enjoy the feel of the books and shows. Audible App has improved and advanced features.

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Get a unique experience with Audible App’s amazing features

  • Ad-free and best quality sound experience
    You can listen to your audiobook or audio show without any interruptions. No ads will pop in between, as in the case of many music-based apps. Many listeners get engaged in the story while listening to them and these ads interrupt their concentration. Also, the quality of the audio is top notch and with headphones on you can just imagine the stories or shows very well.
  • Download and listen to your books offline
    You can also download the audiobooks or shows of your choice offline and listen to them even if you do not have Internet all the time. This feature really helps a lot to the people who do not have Internet connections in their phones and rely on Wi-Fi. They can download their favourite shows and listen to them later. If you love this feature why not download audible app for iPhone from app store.
  • Sync your audiobooks across multiple devices automatically
    If you want to listen to the audiobooks in multiple devices you just need to login in different devices and they will automatically get synced and you can enjoy your show in any one of them whenever and wherever. The feature is a boon to travelers who carry many devices with them and have charging issues. Download audible app for iPhone from app store to enjoy this.
  • Customization of narration speed
    If you want to listen to any book or show in a language you are weak at, then you can easily slow down the narration speed and listen and understand the words in a proper way. Also, if you are in a rush to finish a book early you can speed up the narration speed. With rewind and fast-forward features, you can jump back or forward easily.
  • Set sleep timer
    You can set the sleep timer to your audio for any span of time or until next chapter. If one is listening to the book at night then they can easily use this feature. So what are you waiting for? Download audible app for iPhone from app Store
  • Multitask for listening and background listening
    You can start downloading a new chapter while you listen to the current one or another book or show while you are listening to a different one. It’s not only time saving but also convenient and simple.
  • Share with your friends and family using Twitter and Facebook.

Final Say

Audible App is a very useful and enjoyable app with its unique features it stands ahead of all its competitor apps. So download audible app for iPhone from app store now.

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Bored of reading books the old way? Why not try listening to them? Many people nowadays like to listen to the contents of a book rather than reading it. Audible app for android consists of audio shows, original stories, and audiobooks from all around the world. Well-known speakers narrate all these books and shows. Anyone can listen to these shows and audiobooks wherever they feel like- whether it is in their drawing room, or gym or garden or workplace wherever they feel like. They can also access them in multiple devices. Download audible app from Play Store for your android device.

What is audible app?

Audible app is an application to listen to different books or shows. A-listed celebrities narrate many well-known books so that you can listen to and enjoy the essence of the shows, books or series. This app has so many advanced features to make it interactive to the listeners.

Audible App is quite famous among the young generation who love to listen to the audiobooks and show. Its popularity and features attract many new users. You can download Audible App for Android from play store or any other app stores.

You can get new releases and audiobooks of all genres including mysteries, sci-fi, romance as well as best sellers and many of such kind using the app and follow your passion to listen. The app gives you updates of daily trends, what’s happening around and news with its shows and trending headlines from the top news channels. You can listen to your shows from whichever place you feel like while going or coming from work, in your bedroom, or at cafes wherever you feel comfortable. This app gives you access to 70 different types of channels that includes magazines and newspaper journals etc. Any book, which you want to listen to, can be downloaded from the website of Audible app. It can be synced to your devices.

  • No ads and amazing sound quality
    Listen to your audiobook or audio shows without any interruptions. There will be no ad breaks in between the shows, which is one of the major problems with many music apps. Ads, very often play a spoilsport and interrupt the concentrations of listeners while they listen to the books and shows. The quality of the audio is very good and when listened to with headphones it gives great effect to the imaginations of the users.
  • Download and Listen Offline
    You can also download any of the books or shows offline and listen to them without the Internet. People who don’t have a stable mobile network or the ones who use Wi-Fi more often can use this feature to their advantage. The just simply need to download the shows when the Wi-Fi network is available and listen to them later. They should definitely download audible app.
  • Listen to the audiobooks in multiple devices
    Just log in to the Audible App from different devices and listen to your favorite shows and books on the go. It is convenient and simple. If you love this feature you should definitely download audible app for android.
  • Narration Speed can be Customized
    Many a time listeners read books, which are available in only in specific language and they may not be very strong in it. They can slow down the narration speed so that they understand each word properly. if in a hurry they can increase the speed to make narration speed.
  • Self-Timer
    The sleep timer can be set to the audio book for an hour or till the next chapter. If you are listening to the book at night then it is better to use this feature. Did you love this feature? So what are you waiting for? Download Audible App for Android
  • Multitasking
    While you are listening to one of the chapters or to a particular show, you can download the other show or audiobook in the background. This feature saves lots of time and is very easy and convenient.
  • You can share audios with your friends and family using Twitter and Facebook.

Wrapping it up

Audible app has unmatchable features and no other apps offer so many features as this one does. You can enjoy your audio in a better way. So, Download Audible App For Android now.