Easily share a bill with friends using Splitwise

We often face crises with calculations whenever we go out to lunch or dinner with friends, colleagues or even family members. In this modernized era, where apps are used for almost everything that we do, Splitwise is the app, which makes our tedious task of sharing bills with friends much easier. The Splitwise app was recently updated to include new features for connecting easily with friends and share a bill.

Imagine the case where you have recurring expenses that you need to split with your roommate every week or so-the app helps you add up your share with other cost heads. You can evaluate and calculate the sums in any currency and add as many people to edit, as you want. This is also a great app for tracking your expenses when your friends’ circle is planning a party or get together or going on a trip.

How does it work?

The Splitwise app makes sure that you keep your costs right and update them regularly by creating a group of friends who often eat out together or with flatmates who purchase provisions together. The due date of clearing off the bills can also be stressful. The app sends you pleasant reminders via email as well in case you forget your due dates and end up with penalties or unexpectedly cut off electricity and water.

You can also get an automatic prompt from the app when you forget paying back your friends. The Splitwise app keeps the math going over time even when you are offline and saves up the sum in the cloud when you are connected to the Wi-Fi. This makes it easier for you to pay the sum in one go. Piling up the change is not always a great idea when you split the lunch or dinner bills. So, the Splitwise app helps you make a group online and enter the data just like the score of a game.

When the dues reach a reasonable and substantial sum, you can settle via digital wallets or other payment modes. The currency conversion allows you to maintain the thread of expense tracking in your own currency. However, the app doesn’t offer a feature to enter data in more than one currency in the same thread. But then, Splitwise recently introduced a few new features like adding bills and viewing the balances, which make it a cut above its rivals

Even though it lets you shell out your bills, IOUs, and dues directly to the other party via PayPal and Paytm, one can still calculate the total using the app and then pay via net banking or any other e-wallet. As plans are on the go for integration with other payment systems too, it shouldn’t be long before Splitwise allows the users to settle using any online mode they are comfortable with!

Success secret

Splitwise has made a practice of immediately working on their user’s requests regarding the update of the apps and the site as well. The continuous string of updates certainly amps up the speed of processing and enhances the ease of use of the app.

There are a few perks to Splitwise Pro but the free app is also useful for basic calculations. It is particularly handy for college students and young professionals who usually go out for group lunches and dinners but can’t avoid awkward situations with friends when it’s time for settling the debts. This app is also useful for anyone who wants to track his or her spending trends with non-group bills.

In conclusion

Whether you go out frequently or shop for groceries with your roommate or struggle with the electricity bill every month with your flat mates or land owners- this app can make your struggles melt away with a few taps on the screen of your smartphone.

The Splitwise app not only makes your life easier, but also keeps your friendships healthy and your mind at peace. Download now to experience the luxury of hassle-free and super easy bill sharing. The app is available on Play Store and App Store with reviews by more than seventy thousand users. Join the millions of users who are already using the Splitwise app to share household and restaurant bills and much more.