Enlight The Definite Best Photo Editor For iPhone

iPhone photography has grown as a field in the lunar realm of camerawork and Enlight has a significant contribution to it too. When Instagram and Facebook launched their photo editing tools, the other apps were forced to amp up their game to attract more users. With the superb camera, edits and intuitive presets offered by iPhone, the finding the best photo editor for iPhone is quite difficult for the common crowd who are looking to add something extra to their images. Enlight is the solution to this dilemma that almost every iPhone photographer and digital manipulator faces.

The something extra in your clicks

Enlight App

Enlight brings life to every 2D picture you click. Whether you have an artistic taste or you are experimenting with double exposure, Enlight lets you play with a wealth of features, which can be used quite simply. To make your social media experience really thrilling and awesome, Enlight not only offers great editing tools but also helps you share them across platforms as soon as you are done editing.

It is true that iPhone makes the mobile captures quite lifelike which is a milestone that many other smartphones are yet to achieve. But it holds that realistic and natural photographs are not enough for turning the social media spotlight on you. This is where the best photo editor for iPhone comes into the picture. With Enlight, you can not only use basic fixes for your photographs, but also change colours, fine tune each preset filter and manipulate lighting, contrast and lens blur. Android users download enlight for your phone from here.

Canvas and Tools by Enlight

The Canvas option on the navigation tab allows you to add and control dimensions and perspective to the image by sub-options like crop, skew, rotate, flip, refit, and straighten. Selective adjustments are the USP of Enlight and there are various tools, which allow you to create your own filter and save it as favorites. You can reshape your image or the selective elements, which could appear bigger or smaller as you wish.

Removing blemishes as well as some elements, which are unwanted in your photo can also be achieved to make it more beautiful and surreal. The trending edits on Instagram and other photo-sharing social media apps includes the selective colouring in images. This is also easily possible with the best photo editor for iPhone as the ‘Mask’ tool lets you choose which areas of your image are painted black and white and which elements amaze you with their colours. Another tool is to add text in any font and drop shadows with blended modes.

This particularly awesome for creating memes and images that you would add to your Instagram and Facebook stories and highlights. People who want to doodle creatively can also choose from a range of brushes to add some magic or love to the images. The best part is that Enlight allows you to doodle in 3D by pushing some elements to the front of a creative background doodle or in the middle of a snowy spiral.

Simple to advanced

Enlight Apk

In today’s day and age of digitization, it is not exactly a challenge to express images from your mundane, day-to-day life as something unique, enrapturing and even magical using the best photo editor for iPhone. For every iPhone user, a photo editing app that works on enhancing the different aspects of the portrait and brings it to life would be a dream come true. Enlight does exactly that and would let you literally bring the life into any picture and abstract theme by selective superimposition and colour correction.

Enlight is one of the very few apps, which let you envision any abstract and complicated theme and bring it to life in a very simple as well as comprehensive way. You can experiment all you want and then go with the set of edits you like because there is nothing as satisfying as an edit done right with no room for artistic error. For artists who like to paint their own dreamlands and for the newbie photographer who is still learning the way around pro photo editing, this is the best photo editor for iPhone, which is trusted by many and has even won the Apple Design Award for 2017.

Best Split Expenses App for Friends – Splitwise App

Going out to eat with friends is fun- until you come to the part where you split the bill with the your friends. It is difficult to do the math as some people only have the vegetarian dishes or drinks are itemized. It becomes even more difficult when a few of the friends pay the bill and ask the others to pay back later.


The same is the case when you split the bill for anything else including house rent, water and gas bills between flat mates and clearing up IOUs after the monthly or weekly grocery shopping with roomies. However, the complexity and the struggle are things of the past now with the Splitwise App.

How does it work?

The Splitwise app makes life easier by splitting the bill easily between friends, colleagues or roomies. It works quite simply and has a user-friendly interface.

Splitwise For iPhone

All you need to do is sign in using your email id and the app will set up your personal account by syncing to the Internet. You can then add your expenses by entering them like the score of a game.

You can form groups with your friends who are using the app or you can connect with them using email. Once the group is created, each member can simply enter how much he or she paid and how much the other group members owe. If your group goes out to lunch or dinner frequently, you can pay each other at once or choose to clear off the debts as they add up. In case you are added to two groups with a few other people, you can choose to settle the amount together or separately as well.

The best feature of Splitwise App is that it only connects you with friends and acquaintances without publishing any of your personal data online. It doesn’t handle real money and simply does the calculation for you. At the end of the week or month, you can send or request an IOU via email and your friends can pay you back using PayPal or other digital wallets or even in cash.

The assurance of correct calculations and up to date track of transactions keeps the friendships free from any kind of friction. The app even sends a friendly notification automatically to those members of the group who are due to pay their shares, for instance, after returning from a trip or the day after the movie night.

New features for clearing off debts on time

The Splitwise app has recently introduced a few new features, which take it a notch higher than its rivals. Although it only lets you pay your bills, IOUs, and dues directly to the other party via PayPal, one can still calculate the total using the app and then pay via net banking or any other digital wallet such as Paytm. Plans are underway for integration with other payment systems too. Also know how to split the bill with splitwise app.


With all these transactions taking place, the app also helps to track one’s single expenses without sharing the data with any of the friends unless you authorize it. However, once you shut down a log or reset it, for example, at the end of the month, the app doesn’t have a search option for you to look up previous threads.

However, the app does have a tab to show previously settled bills. Split the bill, utilities and shared expenses of the group is so much easier with the handy Splitwise app. Even if you don’t have your mobile on you, you can simply log in to the website and check out your account.

Who needs it the most?

Resident employees, young professionals, college and University students would totally find this app useful. For all it’s super cool features, it is absolutely free for installing and using on iPhone, Android and the web. Although the app is still undergoing many upgrades, it works best for long-term expense sharing as well as short term IOUs between friends and acquaintances. The Splitwise app boasts of amazing reviews by Business Insider, The New York Times, MSN Money, and many more websites and blogs. If you have ever faced the uncomfortable situation brought up when you split the bill, download the app now!


How to Split the Bill with Splitwise App?

How to Split the Bill with Splitwise App?

IOUs and bill splits can be quite a hassle among friends and colleagues. This is pretty common among roommates, flat mates or resident employees at any company. But before downloading any app or trying the traditional way, one must know how it works.

splitwise android reviews

The reviews are always helpful and over seventy thousand users have reviewed the Splitwise app. In fact, many sites and bloggers recommend it. The Life hacker, the New York Times, Business Insider and many other partners have reviewed and tested the app for their viewers or readers. In essence, this app is the fairness expert, which doesn’t let any friction drive a wedge between two users. Get splitiwise for android.

Splitwise makes life easier

We often find ourselves in an uncomfortable situation when it comes to splitting bills with roomies or asking them to pay up. While living with your girlfriend, the situation can also be quite stressful when you need to split the rent and dinner costs almost every week, month or even daily. The calculations also go wrong at times.

Splitwise For iPhone

The Splitwise app ensures that you keep your expenses right and up to date by making groups with friends who often eat out together or with flat mates who purchase groceries together. Another stressful affair is the due date for paying bills. The app ensures that you receive friendly reminders via email so that you don’t forget your due date and end up with fines or sudden power and water cuts. You can also opt for getting an automatic reminder from the app when you forget paying someone back.

How does Splitwise app works?

Splitwise keeps the math going over time and makes it easier for you to pay the sum in one go. Accumulating change is not always a great idea when you split the lunch or dinner bills. So, the Splitwise app helps you make a group online and enter the data just like the score of a game.


The currency conversion allows you to maintain the thread in your own currency. However, you can’t look up older threads of ‘who owes whom’ which means that you cannot go back to check up on the earlier thread once all the debts are cleared. When you do need the cash, you can request an ‘IOU’ to your friends. Or when you do receive your paycheck, you can send an ‘IOU’ to your friends via the app so that you can pay them back on time. Group trips can also be quite fun and stress-free with this app. However, you need to convert the amount into one currency before entering the data. Download splitwise for your iPhone and split bills with your friends.

One can even manage the expenses of the month by keeping track of spending trends. Once you log in to the app or on the web, you can view all your payments, expenditures and transactions. Keeping track of receipts is a thing of the past with the Splitwise app. The iPhone app is called Plates and the Android app is called Splitwise. There are even third-party apps for downloading Splitwise on Windows phones.

However, this app doesn’t connect you to the bank or digital wallets. The app doesn’t handle any kind of real money, so it is secure. The only practical application of this app is to keep in touch with your colleagues and friends with whom you split bills often. It is quite a personal app, which doesn’t let you network with others while maintaining a casual contact. So you can simply enter the expenses or savings of the month and know how much you owe your friends without publishing your complete data online.

Before saying goodbye


The app works quite simply. All you need to do is download the app from Google Play Store and App Store, then log in to the app. Internet connection is required to stay updated with the calculations. You can invite other friends to join or add them to a group. With every outing, you need to update how much each one of you paid and the app does the math for you. Once the sum grows to a larger amount, you can request or send an ‘IOU’ via the app and then pay up when you meet next. The app also sends reminders if you forget the day you are supposed to pay.


Download Audible App for iPhone Latest Version!

Why read books when you can hear them? Many people like to hear what’s written in a book instead of reading it. Audible app for iPhone contains the world’s largest set of audio shows, audiobooks, and original series. Celebrities narrate readers’ favourite books and stories. You can listen to these audiobooks and shows anywhere- at home, workplace or a park even on multiple devices if you would like to switch.

All you need to know about audible app

Audible app is a listening app for your iPhone. Well-known speakers narrate many well-renowned books so that listeners could listen and enjoy the feel of the books and shows. Audible App has improved and advanced features.

Audible App is very popular nowadays among all age groups who like to listen to their favorite storybooks. Its features and popularity make it the go-to app for new users. You can download audible app for iPhone from app store.

You can explore new releases, mysteries, romance, sci-fi and best sellers and many more using the app and follow your listening passion. Also, get daily updates of trends, news and other happenings with its original shows and top headlines from renowned news channels. For android users you can get it from here.

You can listen to your favorite show while relaxing at home, while going to work, at gyms or wherever you want to. With this app, you can listen to more than 70 types of channels which includes newspapers, magazines etc. Books you want to listen can be downloaded from Audible Website and can be added to your iTunes library. From there you can sync them to iBook app.

Get a unique experience with Audible App’s amazing features

  • Ad-free and best quality sound experience
    You can listen to your audiobook or audio show without any interruptions. No ads will pop in between, as in the case of many music-based apps. Many listeners get engaged in the story while listening to them and these ads interrupt their concentration. Also, the quality of the audio is top notch and with headphones on you can just imagine the stories or shows very well.
  • Download and listen to your books offline
    You can also download the audiobooks or shows of your choice offline and listen to them even if you do not have Internet all the time. This feature really helps a lot to the people who do not have Internet connections in their phones and rely on Wi-Fi. They can download their favourite shows and listen to them later. If you love this feature why not download audible app for iPhone from app store.
  • Sync your audiobooks across multiple devices automatically
    If you want to listen to the audiobooks in multiple devices you just need to login in different devices and they will automatically get synced and you can enjoy your show in any one of them whenever and wherever. The feature is a boon to travelers who carry many devices with them and have charging issues. Download audible app for iPhone from app store to enjoy this.
  • Customization of narration speed
    If you want to listen to any book or show in a language you are weak at, then you can easily slow down the narration speed and listen and understand the words in a proper way. Also, if you are in a rush to finish a book early you can speed up the narration speed. With rewind and fast-forward features, you can jump back or forward easily.
  • Set sleep timer
    You can set the sleep timer to your audio for any span of time or until next chapter. If one is listening to the book at night then they can easily use this feature. So what are you waiting for? Download audible app for iPhone from app Store
  • Multitask for listening and background listening
    You can start downloading a new chapter while you listen to the current one or another book or show while you are listening to a different one. It’s not only time saving but also convenient and simple.
  • Share with your friends and family using Twitter and Facebook.

Final Say

Audible App is a very useful and enjoyable app with its unique features it stands ahead of all its competitor apps. So download audible app for iPhone from app store now.

Download Audible App for Android Latest Version!

Bored of reading books the old way? Why not try listening to them? Many people nowadays like to listen to the contents of a book rather than reading it. Audible app for android consists of audio shows, original stories, and audiobooks from all around the world. Well-known speakers narrate all these books and shows. Anyone can listen to these shows and audiobooks wherever they feel like- whether it is in their drawing room, or gym or garden or workplace wherever they feel like. They can also access them in multiple devices. Download audible app from Play Store for your android device.

What is audible app?

Audible app is an application to listen to different books or shows. A-listed celebrities narrate many well-known books so that you can listen to and enjoy the essence of the shows, books or series. This app has so many advanced features to make it interactive to the listeners.

Audible App is quite famous among the young generation who love to listen to the audiobooks and show. Its popularity and features attract many new users. You can download Audible App for Android from play store or any other app stores.

You can get new releases and audiobooks of all genres including mysteries, sci-fi, romance as well as best sellers and many of such kind using the app and follow your passion to listen. The app gives you updates of daily trends, what’s happening around and news with its shows and trending headlines from the top news channels. You can listen to your shows from whichever place you feel like while going or coming from work, in your bedroom, or at cafes wherever you feel comfortable. This app gives you access to 70 different types of channels that includes magazines and newspaper journals etc. Any book, which you want to listen to, can be downloaded from the website of Audible app. It can be synced to your devices.

  • No ads and amazing sound quality
    Listen to your audiobook or audio shows without any interruptions. There will be no ad breaks in between the shows, which is one of the major problems with many music apps. Ads, very often play a spoilsport and interrupt the concentrations of listeners while they listen to the books and shows. The quality of the audio is very good and when listened to with headphones it gives great effect to the imaginations of the users.
  • Download and Listen Offline
    You can also download any of the books or shows offline and listen to them without the Internet. People who don’t have a stable mobile network or the ones who use Wi-Fi more often can use this feature to their advantage. The just simply need to download the shows when the Wi-Fi network is available and listen to them later. They should definitely download audible app.
  • Listen to the audiobooks in multiple devices
    Just log in to the Audible App from different devices and listen to your favorite shows and books on the go. It is convenient and simple. If you love this feature you should definitely download audible app for android.
  • Narration Speed can be Customized
    Many a time listeners read books, which are available in only in specific language and they may not be very strong in it. They can slow down the narration speed so that they understand each word properly. if in a hurry they can increase the speed to make narration speed.
  • Self-Timer
    The sleep timer can be set to the audio book for an hour or till the next chapter. If you are listening to the book at night then it is better to use this feature. Did you love this feature? So what are you waiting for? Download Audible App for Android
  • Multitasking
    While you are listening to one of the chapters or to a particular show, you can download the other show or audiobook in the background. This feature saves lots of time and is very easy and convenient.
  • You can share audios with your friends and family using Twitter and Facebook.

Wrapping it up

Audible app has unmatchable features and no other apps offer so many features as this one does. You can enjoy your audio in a better way. So, Download Audible App For Android now.

Download Latest Version 2.18.0 of Snapseed Apk

Photography and photo editing is now an integral part of every person who is active on social media. But having a good camera is not enough for the social butterfly now. You need something extra that will give you an edge over all the vibrant colors and boost your online presence too. This is where Snapseed comes into the picture. A photo-editing app for your phone. You can now download Latest Version 2.18.0 of Snapseed Apk from the app store. For iphone users download Snapseed App for your iPhone.

The Snapseed Application

More than eight lakh Android users have downloaded the application so far via Google Play Store and the numbers are ever increasing. No wonder it is an Editor’s choice application. The Snapseed apk has been developed by Nik software and is the best photo editing app according to the user reviews.

It has won hearts and created a platform where people can easily use expert tools and share their photos on various social media networks. There are many pro tools that Snapseed offers to the novice photo editor to experiment and explore their skills. The photo reviewers highly recommend the users to download Latest Version 2.18.0 of Snapseed Apk.

Tools offered by Snapseed

The Snapseed app has many tools ranging from basic black and white filters to lo-fi and highlighting filters. Irrespective of your requirements- whether you simply need to modify the white adjust, or you are hoping to accomplish more inside and out alters, Snapseed can help you with it.

The basic tools such as resizing and skewing are available too. As for pro tools, sepia, various visual extras, brightness, lowlights and highlights, color saturation, many different kinds of borders, sharpness, blur effects, as well as other preset filters are also available. The best thing about this app is that it allows you to see the effect of your changes in real time as soon as you tap the icons and adjust the controls on the mobile screen.

Why go for the Snapseed app?

Some might argue that such tools and effects are available in Photoshop and other photo editing apps. So what is so special about the Snapseed apk? Here are the most attractive features of this awesome photo-editing app:

  1. For one, its easy to use user interface gives it an edge over the other apps.
  2. Secondly, this is an app for the novice photo editors even though it has features, which are recommended by the pros.
  3. The tools give you real-time effects and you can easily modify it even after you have applied a few effects.
  4. You can edit more than one image at a time without any trouble, thanks to the super smooth navigation. This is a feature that is quite rare in image editing apps and this is one of the primary reasons why this is so loved by the crowd.
  5. Navigating through the app is really simple and it doesn’t occupy too much space on the phone memory either.
  6. Irrespective of whether you want special but subtle touches to your picture or you want to opt for bold, digital manipulation- the Snapseed apk has got it all covered for you.

Snapseed for iPhone and Android:

The tech-savvy shutterbugs are always conflicted when it comes to the Android v/s iPhone debate. But no matter which device you choose, you can download the latest version 2.18.0 of Snapseed Apk for both, Android as well as iPhone.

Generally, the iPhone is known for the super cool camera and smooth inbuilt features. But the X-factor that Snapseed brings into your images will leave you spellbound. Of course, it might take you some time to master the art of photo editing perfectly, but you cannot find a better platform for learning and practicing this skill than Snapseed.

A final say on features of Snapseed

For various Android devices, this app makes any ordinary photograph seem like out of this world and any portrait get the coveted depth effect. The latest version also has an added dark theme mode, which can be selected in the Settings.

This adds a lovely feel to the engaging exercise of photo editing. Other updates include bug fixes which ensure the smooth running of the app and editing with more advanced controls of tools such as burn, dodge, and saturation.

Before saying goodbye

Snapseed is the Editor’s choice app on the Google Play Store for several reasons and if you want to know what the buzz is all about, then all you need to do is download Latest Version 2.18.0 of Snapseed Apk.

Download Snapseed App For iPhone Latest Version

iPhone is easily the first name that comes to mind when one is asked about phone photography. But most people wouldn’t know or would generally underestimate the importance of photo editing applications when it comes to iPhone photography. One can now download snapseed app for iPhone to take photo edits to a whole new level.

Snapseed App For iPhone

Polishing an image is as vital to your portfolio gallery as clicking a good picture. With the hype of social media climbing new heights every day, the competition for more likes and shares is also growing among amateur photographers. But those who have been there would know that simply owning an iPhone with an awesome camera is not enough.
Snapseed: The photo-editing app

Snapseed App

You need pro photo editing skills while also being able to share it quickly, easily and from anywhere on the planet. Consequently, there are many apps available on the App Store, which try to fulfil these requirements of on the go photo editing. One of the best of these photo-editing apps is Snapseed. Download snapseed app for iPhone now as it complements the trademark iPhone photo in the best possible way and is also the best platform for the amateur photographer to learn some pro editing skills.

How does Snapseed work?

Apple devices, just like any other smart device, have some basic photo editing features and software in the photos application itself. But that is not enough to give you an edge over the competition. Download snapseed app for iPhone because it gives you the benefit of pro image editing features without the complexity of using scary software and apps like Photoshop.

It has essential features such as resizing, skewing and straightening, as well as attractive effects and filters. All you need to do is open the App Store, click on Snapseed for iPhone and download it.

Snapseed User Interface

The rest is simple enough as the super sorted user interface can be used by just about anyone. The tools are available on the left-hand side and you can select any one of them to control the strength of each one.

Snapseed App For iPhone

You can see how the chosen effect changes your image in real time as you adjust the controls. You can also edit more than one image at a time and the app also offers scope to go back and review the effects even after you’ve applied them to your photo.

Tools on Snapseed for iPhone

Snapseed is not only a complete but also professional photo editor app which is developed by Google. It offers a wide range of tools in a simple user interface. Here are some of the salient features of the tools available on Snapseed for iPhone:

Snapseed App For iPhone

  1. Tools such as healing, brush, structure, HDR, perspective and more allow you to polish your image and add a special touch that converts them into something otherworldly.
  2. Tools such as RAW develop- allow you to open and tweak RAW DNG files and save them non-destructively or export images as JPG.
  3. You can also save the set of effects as your personal looks and then apply them to other images that you might want to edit in a similar fashion.
  4. Magic is something that all of us love and adding some magic to the image is always a plus. The selective feature of the app allows you to make the best use of the famous Control Point technology. All you need to do is position up to eight points on the photo you select and assign the enhancements as you wish. The algorithm does the rest magically.
  5. Subtle but powerful tools such as vignette, lens blur, glamour glow, tonal contrast and multiple exposures by HDR scope are at your disposal with Snapseed for iPhone.

Why choose Snapseed over others?

Snapseed has a wide range of usability in addition to a long list of features, which set it apart from the crowd. One of the many updates in the latest version of snapseed is support for iPhone X, which covers edge-to-edge with the help of OLED panel. Other interesting features in the new version include insight feature for photography along with selective filter brushes and tools such as healing HDR, perspective etc. The user can now open the raw and JPG files and tweak different styles with a precision control. So what are you waiting for download snapseed app for iPhone.

Download Latest Version 1.3.6 Of Enlight App For iOS

In the modern era of social media, a lot of platforms out there and today’s youth want a stunning presence on those platforms from the core of the heart. Enlight app Version 1.3.6 can help them to achieve their desired number of fan following by its advanced and super cool features. A superior app designed by Lighttricks Ltd. to edit photos easily and effectively so that they’ll look impressive. Compatible with iPhone and iPad devices and numerous languages are included in it by default.

Enlight app Version 1.3.6

Enlight App

It has painterly and collage capabilities to convert your simple looking image into an extraordinary piece of art. Enlight App has extraordinary abilities like creative compositing with a new focused layer, image blending, and special effects.  It can manage raw files to provide you imaginative interface. It has gained a massive popularity among the designers and professional photographers who are using it every day to present their work to their prospective clients.

Its interface is designed with well-defined ways to adjust edits and effects. It’s a bit harder to control its new interface as they enable some of more advanced features by going beyond basic editing. While the app has instructional diagrams on how to use its feature will guide through your editing journey. For new users, it’s quite harder to be familiar with it but once they are it will become an obsession with them.

Advantages of having an account on Enlight

There are numerous advantages one can get using this photo editing app:

  • You can edit any number of photos
  • To make your photo monochromatic it uses black and white photography.
  • For the high level of customization, it has Duo and Analog filters.
  • Conversion of simple photos into a professional masterpiece is a matter of minutes.

Enlight App: The remarkable Features

Englight App is popular among many due to its exceptional features such as:

    1. Intelligent photo correction, which supports AI is one of its most impressive features and makes it stand alone in the race of editing. Its remarkable point is enabling the application to repair over or under-exposed photos in very few seconds and can retain the lost details in just a single swipe.
    2. For such compositing edge avoidance feature will work for you. But in its free version you can only mix its two layers but for going to mix all the five layers, you’ll need to a subscription of its paid pro version.
    3. It’s new and impressive Darkroom feature also available only it’s paid version which gives you a full control over tone, contrast and every other detail of photos to ensure that it’s nicely done and well organized or not.
    4. Its intuitive photo mixing features allows you to make a quality photo by overlaying two different photos. That will turn up to feel you like a professional when you’ll see your pieces in the art gallery. There are numerous blending modes that you can use for the merging the photos quite effectively.
    5. It also gives an option to personalize your photos by drawing, writing or even doodling on them directly. Borders, frames, text can be customized as per your choice and preferences. It also provides a number of special effects and decals that you can use to make your photo unique and stunning.
  1. Its super special feature allows you to compare your emerged piece of an impression to the older one. Autosave mode is enabled in it which will save your photo automatically when you miss it.
  2. Image perfection is another major and very impressive feature that gives it an upper hand in the market of editing apps. It is developed to add the brilliance in the photos by changing their tone, color and almost every other detail of the photo that will make photo’s editing look like professional.
  3. Analog and duo filters of it will make you feel some classic with the style of the vintage film. You can use its two-tone gradient feature to add color and can customize it vignette add light leaks to the photo to make it more retro.
  4. Creation of quality photos by black and white color has never been easier. To develop amazing monochromatic photos Enlight uses darkroom inspired techniques. You can also give an artistic touch to your photos by changing the intensity of the film.

Summing it up

Thus, Enlight is a master-editing tool that can help you create and customize all the photos you desire for.

Download Enlight Apk Latest Version 1.2

When it comes to presenting yourself, you want to do it at your utmost best. In a world full of apps that cater to this specific need, it becomes quite difficult to choose the one that suits your needs perfectly. However, Enlight Apk is one of a kind, intuitive photo editing app that is tailored to fit your expectations.

Designed exclusively for iPhone users, Enlight is priced highly on the Apple app store. Now that we know that it is definitely not the cheapest app present around us, whether it is worth the purchase or not, is the question.

Enlight Works SwiftlyEnlight Apk The main aim of the Enlight Apk app is to make the cumbersome task of photo editing quicker and easier. At the same time, it does not compromise on the features. It stands out from the crowd by putting gestures to play in the place of static icons and sliders. All of it might, however, feel alien at first but as you get to know it, navigation becomes easier. It tries to bring two worlds together by using the Android design language on iOS platform. You can easily access or dismiss the hassle-free menu option by sliding the screen from the right side.

This well-designed photo editing app does not require expensive in-app purchases hence you won’t be bothered by extra expenses for add-ons.

The Features That Make Enlight What It IsEnlight Apk Whether you are looking for photographs that look professionally processed, Instagram worthy pictures or ones that glow with your creativity, the plethora of features present in Enlight Apk will fulfill all your image demands. Starting with the two colors, one the presence and the other the absence of all colors, the black and white feature will never disappoint you.

The vintage filters will take you back to the Retro yesteryears while you experiment with light contrasts and vignettes. Are there times when you are debating with your thoughts over cropping that sun-kissed lock of hair only to fit the square frame? The Instafit feature comes to your rescue by providing you an alternative to posting your photos by adding blurred or patterned background instead of cropping them.

There are even times when that blue shirt might have looked better with a shade of black or a touch of dark green. Make use of the Adjust feature on Enlight Apk to do just that. A correction here and a contrast there will definitely save your day. You can restore the lost details and regain the clarity that went unnoticed by the camera, with the help of the noise reduction tool. The entire picture is picture perfect except for the small area under the eyes. This is where the target feature will help you remove that minute flaw while keeping the rest of the picture intact.
Enlight Apk
The refit feature is a mixture of crop and Instafit, where you can crop the image without compromising on the essential parts of the image. You can feed the street art freak in you by using the urban tool to add grime textures and spray paint platters to your images. In the latest version 1.2 of Enlight Apk, you can also toggle between the Mixer feature to create surreal effects and Duo feature to provide a double toned effect to your photograph. Are you a lover of bokeh? Or is confetti your newfound love? Or probably it is snow that you dwell in? Irrespective of whatever your needs be, you can use the effects feature to achieve your purpose.

This app may not provide the editing subtlety of VCSO CAM, but it more than makes up by providing more than its money’s worth. Besides, its ocean of vivid features only strengthens its case.

Summing Up

Enlight Apk
The app is a very convenient photo-editing app. You can simply download the latest Enlight Apk version 1.2 from the Apple app store. Then install it on your device and get started with editing your pictures. To edit your images, you do not need an internet connection once your device is installed. Besides providing you with quality features for your images, Enlight enables you to take control of the density and concentration of the filters very easily. Thus, the variety of standard features does not compromise on the photo editing capacity of Enlight.

New Version of Splitwise for iPhone Version 4.5.12

Ever since its launch in 2011, Splitwise has been making waves among the younger generations. It is a handy app, which allows groups of friends to split bills easily and pay them easily on time without any hassles. The Splitwise for iPhone and Android apps have been downloaded by many users and have been rated 4.7 stars out of 5 stars.

The older version worked perfectly for keeping track of common apartment bills between roommates, expenses for group trips and even random IOUs. But there were some concerns related to adjusting change, viewing the remaining balance in navigation tab. The latest update of Splitwise for iPhone included features such as add bills and checking balance for friends and groups, which were popularly requested. In addition to this, the app also updated a few bug fixes and improvements on the basic views.

The older version of Splitwise for iOS:

Splitwise For iPhone

The older version had a few advantages and practical applications. Not only was it handy to save up by ordering combo lunches and dinner, it allowed everyone to pay their shares on time and track their own expenses in the currency they want. The web dashboard of Splitwise was more advanced and easier to navigate earlier.

The mobile or iPhone apps didn’t have the option to view various group totals broken down on the home screen. The option to export any group or friendship to spreadsheet was also available on the web version but was not easy to discover in the mobile apps. The settling up of payments was not as tidily presented on the mobile apps with the ‘recent activity’ tab.

In essence, the older version had many features, which weren’t easily accessible due to the design. Moreover, Splitwise recently integrated with PayPal and Venmo for settling of bills. This feature wasn’t available in the older version either. Basically, the older version was more of a calculator than a roommate app.

The new version of Splitwise for iPhone:

The latest version 4.5.12 of Splitwise for iPhone has a lot of big and small changes. From the Groups tab to the text-field style number entry to the improvements for ‘add bill’, the updated iOS Splitwise 4 ‘Lazy Salmon’ is a house full of treats for ease of access and use.

Adding bills

Splitwise For iPhone

The older version complained about the slow speed of adding the bills. The new version comes with the faster addition of bills and bug fixes. The app can even pre-populate the group by default if you navigate to the group or friend. In case you want to create a new group from the home screen, you can find recently and frequently called contacts to make the process faster for you.

Cost, descriptions, and other associated options can be seen on the screen for easily adding receipts or changing the split type. The users who frequently change the currency type will also find the text-field style of data entry and list of recent currencies useful. The quick add feature, notifications, and non-group warnings are also updated for ease of access for power users.

Navigation tab:

The Navigation Tab of Splitwise for iPhone includes ‘Friends’ tab, ‘Add Bill tab and the ‘Me’ tab, which directs you to your profile and settings, in addition to the new ‘Groups’ tab. This tab consists of an overview of all the groups you are added to including the non-group expenses, which make it easier to track your expenses and the groups, which are affecting your balance and see which groups can be, settled up quickly.

Other improvements:

Splitwise For iPhone

  1. Debts, which are settled are hidden in the background and can be accessed with a single tap.
  2. Settling up also has an advanced option, which allows users to create random payments between the members of a group.
  3. Self-explanatory buttons and large, modernly styled header add to the improved design.
  4. The ‘total’ summary for each group to see the sum of money spent with your friends for dinner, group trips or more.
  5. The friendships and groups can now be exported to spreadsheets for ease of access.
  6. Search option included for Splitwise Pro.

Splitwise has addressed many issues pointed out by the users and has upgraded the app to make splitting bills much easier and hassle-free.