New Version of Splitwise for iPhone Version 4.5.12

Ever since its launch in 2011, Splitwise has been making waves among the younger generations. It is a handy app, which allows groups of friends to split bills easily and pay them easily on time without any hassles. The Splitwise for iPhone and Android apps have been downloaded by many users and have been rated 4.7 stars out of 5 stars.

The older version worked perfectly for keeping track of common apartment bills between roommates, expenses for group trips and even random IOUs. But there were some concerns related to adjusting change, viewing the remaining balance in navigation tab. The latest update of Splitwise for iPhone included features such as add bills and checking balance for friends and groups, which were popularly requested. In addition to this, the app also updated a few bug fixes and improvements on the basic views.

The older version of Splitwise for iOS:

Splitwise For iPhone

The older version had a few advantages and practical applications. Not only was it handy to save up by ordering combo lunches and dinner, it allowed everyone to pay their shares on time and track their own expenses in the currency they want. The web dashboard of Splitwise was more advanced and easier to navigate earlier.

The mobile or iPhone apps didn’t have the option to view various group totals broken down on the home screen. The option to export any group or friendship to spreadsheet was also available on the web version but was not easy to discover in the mobile apps. The settling up of payments was not as tidily presented on the mobile apps with the ‘recent activity’ tab.

In essence, the older version had many features, which weren’t easily accessible due to the design. Moreover, Splitwise recently integrated with PayPal and Venmo for settling of bills. This feature wasn’t available in the older version either. Basically, the older version was more of a calculator than a roommate app.

The new version of Splitwise for iPhone:

The latest version 4.5.12 of Splitwise for iPhone has a lot of big and small changes. From the Groups tab to the text-field style number entry to the improvements for ‘add bill’, the updated iOS Splitwise 4 ‘Lazy Salmon’ is a house full of treats for ease of access and use.

Adding bills

Splitwise For iPhone

The older version complained about the slow speed of adding the bills. The new version comes with the faster addition of bills and bug fixes. The app can even pre-populate the group by default if you navigate to the group or friend. In case you want to create a new group from the home screen, you can find recently and frequently called contacts to make the process faster for you.

Cost, descriptions, and other associated options can be seen on the screen for easily adding receipts or changing the split type. The users who frequently change the currency type will also find the text-field style of data entry and list of recent currencies useful. The quick add feature, notifications, and non-group warnings are also updated for ease of access for power users.

Navigation tab:

The Navigation Tab of Splitwise for iPhone includes ‘Friends’ tab, ‘Add Bill tab and the ‘Me’ tab, which directs you to your profile and settings, in addition to the new ‘Groups’ tab. This tab consists of an overview of all the groups you are added to including the non-group expenses, which make it easier to track your expenses and the groups, which are affecting your balance and see which groups can be, settled up quickly.

Other improvements:

Splitwise For iPhone

  1. Debts, which are settled are hidden in the background and can be accessed with a single tap.
  2. Settling up also has an advanced option, which allows users to create random payments between the members of a group.
  3. Self-explanatory buttons and large, modernly styled header add to the improved design.
  4. The ‘total’ summary for each group to see the sum of money spent with your friends for dinner, group trips or more.
  5. The friendships and groups can now be exported to spreadsheets for ease of access.
  6. Search option included for Splitwise Pro.

Splitwise has addressed many issues pointed out by the users and has upgraded the app to make splitting bills much easier and hassle-free.