Download Audible App for iPhone Latest Version!

Why read books when you can hear them? Many people like to hear what’s written in a book instead of reading it. Audible app for iPhone contains the world’s largest set of audio shows, audiobooks, and original series. Celebrities narrate readers’ favourite books and stories. You can listen to these audiobooks and shows anywhere- at home, workplace or a park even on multiple devices if you would like to switch.

All you need to know about audible app

Audible app is a listening app for your iPhone. Well-known speakers narrate many well-renowned books so that listeners could listen and enjoy the feel of the books and shows. Audible App has improved and advanced features.

Audible App is very popular nowadays among all age groups who like to listen to their favorite storybooks. Its features and popularity make it the go-to app for new users. You can download audible app for iPhone from app store.

You can explore new releases, mysteries, romance, sci-fi and best sellers and many more using the app and follow your listening passion. Also, get daily updates of trends, news and other happenings with its original shows and top headlines from renowned news channels. For android users you can get it from here.

You can listen to your favorite show while relaxing at home, while going to work, at gyms or wherever you want to. With this app, you can listen to more than 70 types of channels which includes newspapers, magazines etc. Books you want to listen can be downloaded from Audible Website and can be added to your iTunes library. From there you can sync them to iBook app.

Get a unique experience with Audible App’s amazing features

  • Ad-free and best quality sound experience
    You can listen to your audiobook or audio show without any interruptions. No ads will pop in between, as in the case of many music-based apps. Many listeners get engaged in the story while listening to them and these ads interrupt their concentration. Also, the quality of the audio is top notch and with headphones on you can just imagine the stories or shows very well.
  • Download and listen to your books offline
    You can also download the audiobooks or shows of your choice offline and listen to them even if you do not have Internet all the time. This feature really helps a lot to the people who do not have Internet connections in their phones and rely on Wi-Fi. They can download their favourite shows and listen to them later. If you love this feature why not download audible app for iPhone from app store.
  • Sync your audiobooks across multiple devices automatically
    If you want to listen to the audiobooks in multiple devices you just need to login in different devices and they will automatically get synced and you can enjoy your show in any one of them whenever and wherever. The feature is a boon to travelers who carry many devices with them and have charging issues. Download audible app for iPhone from app store to enjoy this.
  • Customization of narration speed
    If you want to listen to any book or show in a language you are weak at, then you can easily slow down the narration speed and listen and understand the words in a proper way. Also, if you are in a rush to finish a book early you can speed up the narration speed. With rewind and fast-forward features, you can jump back or forward easily.
  • Set sleep timer
    You can set the sleep timer to your audio for any span of time or until next chapter. If one is listening to the book at night then they can easily use this feature. So what are you waiting for? Download audible app for iPhone from app Store
  • Multitask for listening and background listening
    You can start downloading a new chapter while you listen to the current one or another book or show while you are listening to a different one. It’s not only time saving but also convenient and simple.
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Final Say

Audible App is a very useful and enjoyable app with its unique features it stands ahead of all its competitor apps. So download audible app for iPhone from app store now.