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Bill splitting and group trips or lunches are common among young professionals, trainees and college fellows who don’t earn too much. But the other side of the coin is settling of debts and clearing off dues, which lead to uncomfortable situations and sometimes friction between friends.

Here is an expense sharing app that makes things easy and simple. The Splitwise app is supported by both Android as well as iOS and is absolutely free for installing and using. You can also download the new version of splitwise for iPhone.
The Splitwise app is the fairness expert when it comes to splitting bills with custom settings. It works great for long term sharing of expenditure and tracking of bills. You can even use it to settle short term and random IOUs with acquaintances and friends.

You can document any kind of cost overheads or payments on splitwise irrespective of the mode of transaction such as cash, net banking and e-wallet transactions. People who live in flats and PGs with roommates often use many modes to transact. You can download splitwise android latest version 4.3.2.

So, this app is perfect for getting simple calculations done right. For all the simple and cool features that Splitwise offers for expense sharing, it is totally free of cost for installing (unless you opt for Splitwise Pro) and easy to operate on iPhone, Android devices and even on the web.

Works simply

You need to sign in using your mobile number and email id for setting up your profile and using the app. Once your profile is set up, you can track your non-group bills and add your friends to groups for sharing the expenses. Whenever you go out to eat with friends, each group member can simply add a new receipt for how much they paid.

The app automatically calculates each member’s shares according to custom settings. The user can split the bill evenly for a group of two or one can specify who owes whom. The app also saves the records in the cloud so that you can access it from anywhere.

When the dues are to be cleared off, the app sends a friendly reminder to the group members to settle the debts via Paytm or other payment modes. Once you clear the dues and shut down a log with other group members, for instance, at the month-end, the app doesn’t feature a search option for you to look up previous threads.

Nevertheless, the app does have a tab which shows previously settled bills. Even so, the app doesn’t handle any money by itself which means that the settlement of dues is not automated. Also, the app does not connect to any social media. This means that the Splitwise app doesn’t publish any of your data to any group without your permission.

Splitwise Reviews

splitwise android reviews

The Splitwise app has a record of working on popular requests by the app users and bringing them to life. No wonder the site brags about remarkable reviews by The New York Times, Business Insider, MSN Money, and many more websites and blogs. Ever since its launch, the app has been on a progressive journey to make expense sharing simple, systematic and hassle-free.

If you have ever faced the uncomfortable situation brought up by bill splitting, download the app now and avail the free assistance to share expenses. It is easy to use the splitwise app, thanks to the recent updates for Android and iOS, which improved many features besides the overall basic views.

Whenever one needs to divide household bills with flat mates, to work out costs for a group holiday, or just to remember when a friend spots you for dinner, this app comes to the rescue.

The splitwise app is extremely handy for people who spend on a myriad of services and products on a regular basis as the app also helps to track the monthly expenses and figure out what you spend most on. Even though it still needs some updates, which would make this app perfect, the itemized bills and simplified debts are a great help for those who struggle with it.

Most people find this super useful and handy for keeping friendships frictionless by clearing off any debts. So if you resonate with the uneasy feeling of unpaid dues, download the app now.

How to Split the Bill with Splitwise App?

How to Split the Bill with Splitwise App?

IOUs and bill splits can be quite a hassle among friends and colleagues. This is pretty common among roommates, flat mates or resident employees at any company. But before downloading any app or trying the traditional way, one must know how it works.

splitwise android reviews

The reviews are always helpful and over seventy thousand users have reviewed the Splitwise app. In fact, many sites and bloggers recommend it. The Life hacker, the New York Times, Business Insider and many other partners have reviewed and tested the app for their viewers or readers. In essence, this app is the fairness expert, which doesn’t let any friction drive a wedge between two users. Get splitiwise for android.

Splitwise makes life easier

We often find ourselves in an uncomfortable situation when it comes to splitting bills with roomies or asking them to pay up. While living with your girlfriend, the situation can also be quite stressful when you need to split the rent and dinner costs almost every week, month or even daily. The calculations also go wrong at times.

Splitwise For iPhone

The Splitwise app ensures that you keep your expenses right and up to date by making groups with friends who often eat out together or with flat mates who purchase groceries together. Another stressful affair is the due date for paying bills. The app ensures that you receive friendly reminders via email so that you don’t forget your due date and end up with fines or sudden power and water cuts. You can also opt for getting an automatic reminder from the app when you forget paying someone back.

How does Splitwise app works?

Splitwise keeps the math going over time and makes it easier for you to pay the sum in one go. Accumulating change is not always a great idea when you split the lunch or dinner bills. So, the Splitwise app helps you make a group online and enter the data just like the score of a game.


The currency conversion allows you to maintain the thread in your own currency. However, you can’t look up older threads of ‘who owes whom’ which means that you cannot go back to check up on the earlier thread once all the debts are cleared. When you do need the cash, you can request an ‘IOU’ to your friends. Or when you do receive your paycheck, you can send an ‘IOU’ to your friends via the app so that you can pay them back on time. Group trips can also be quite fun and stress-free with this app. However, you need to convert the amount into one currency before entering the data. Download splitwise for your iPhone and split bills with your friends.

One can even manage the expenses of the month by keeping track of spending trends. Once you log in to the app or on the web, you can view all your payments, expenditures and transactions. Keeping track of receipts is a thing of the past with the Splitwise app. The iPhone app is called Plates and the Android app is called Splitwise. There are even third-party apps for downloading Splitwise on Windows phones.

However, this app doesn’t connect you to the bank or digital wallets. The app doesn’t handle any kind of real money, so it is secure. The only practical application of this app is to keep in touch with your colleagues and friends with whom you split bills often. It is quite a personal app, which doesn’t let you network with others while maintaining a casual contact. So you can simply enter the expenses or savings of the month and know how much you owe your friends without publishing your complete data online.

Before saying goodbye


The app works quite simply. All you need to do is download the app from Google Play Store and App Store, then log in to the app. Internet connection is required to stay updated with the calculations. You can invite other friends to join or add them to a group. With every outing, you need to update how much each one of you paid and the app does the math for you. Once the sum grows to a larger amount, you can request or send an ‘IOU’ via the app and then pay up when you meet next. The app also sends reminders if you forget the day you are supposed to pay.