Enlight App on App Store Is Making Waves among Users

Even though you own an iPhone with super awesome features, it’s difficult to survive in the social media world without the trending best Photoshop app for iPhone assisting you at every step.

Photography has evolved and iPhone, with its superior camera features, has made a huge contribution to this ever-changing realm of mobile photography.

Enlight App

However, iPhone photography without the super cool photo editing and best Photoshop app leaves your photos like the crude molasses without giving it the chance to be refined into sweet sugar.

With the growing field of iPhone photography, a number of photo editing apps have amped up their features to attract more iPhone users.

While Snapseed is too basic and VSCO is too subtle, Enlight is the new kid on the block, which has digital manipulation turning on its ears to accommodate all the budding photo editing experts.

How it works

Enlight app tools

The photo editing apps are usually for image corrections and enhancements. Enlight is too perfect for that. It boasts of a simple interface, which certainly does not limit the tools it offers including vintage filters, lens blur effects and portrait enhancements.

Portrait mode of the iPhone is loved by one and all. So a photo-editing app that works on enhancing the different aspects of the portrait and brings it to life would be great, right? Well, Enlight would let you literally bring the life into any picture by selective superimposition and color correction.

Enlight doesn’t only allow you to change the mood of your images by tweaking the light and using creative filters or texture effects but also offers a wide range of basic editing tools such as color, exposure, and custom cropping and sharpening of image finely.

In addition to these, one can also remove unwanted objects from your image and make other adjustments by adding mists or textures. This app is perfect for those who are not new to iPhone photography and are looking to unleash their creativity.

Creating trending looks

Enlight app effects

The soft, faded look is trending on Instagram now. So how about adding soft clouds to the dreamy cup of skyscrapers? The weirdest, quirkiest and grandest ideas can come to life with the best Photoshop app for iPhone.

But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t great for simple and basic edits. Most filters of various photo-editing apps can be too overpowering or harsh. Some of the presets offered by Enlight are subtler and often emulate the feel produced by classic films.

This is the go-to app for giving your iPhone photograph an understated, vintage, classic or even futuristic look. Moreover, with the fine tuning of the preset strength, you can no control how much the photograph is altered with editing.

The app also allows you to make in-app purchases for a wider collection of preset filters but the basic collection can be downloaded for free.

Easy to use navigation panel

When you select a photo for editing, the navigation panel shows you a number of options such as canvas, image, filters, tools, artistic, brushes doodle effects. Other pictures from the gallery can also be selected from the panel until you select any edit option.

For more size- specific edits, you can simply change the settings. For the first time users, the app interface makes it really easy to find the Enlight tutorial and an intuitive help option.

Once you select any option such as Canvas, you can access the sub-options such as crop, skew, refit, straighten, rotate and flip. This option lets you add dimension and perspective corrections along with lens distortion.

If you wish to include all the elements of the photo and yet shrink it, the refit option of the best Photoshop app allows you to pull the objects in the photo closer without having to remove it.

With Enlight, you can also remove unwanted objects from the image frame and use double exposure selectively. How does that happen? Why don’t you find out!

Enlight is now a popular name in the field of iPhone photography and for good reason too. Even though it might take some people time to figure out how to use it best, this best Photoshop app offers potential for creativity that no other app can. It is available on the App store for INR 299 only.

Download Enlight Apk Latest Version 1.2

When it comes to presenting yourself, you want to do it at your utmost best. In a world full of apps that cater to this specific need, it becomes quite difficult to choose the one that suits your needs perfectly. However, Enlight Apk is one of a kind, intuitive photo editing app that is tailored to fit your expectations.

Designed exclusively for iPhone users, Enlight is priced highly on the Apple app store. Now that we know that it is definitely not the cheapest app present around us, whether it is worth the purchase or not, is the question.

Enlight Works SwiftlyEnlight Apk The main aim of the Enlight Apk app is to make the cumbersome task of photo editing quicker and easier. At the same time, it does not compromise on the features. It stands out from the crowd by putting gestures to play in the place of static icons and sliders. All of it might, however, feel alien at first but as you get to know it, navigation becomes easier. It tries to bring two worlds together by using the Android design language on iOS platform. You can easily access or dismiss the hassle-free menu option by sliding the screen from the right side.

This well-designed photo editing app does not require expensive in-app purchases hence you won’t be bothered by extra expenses for add-ons.

The Features That Make Enlight What It IsEnlight Apk Whether you are looking for photographs that look professionally processed, Instagram worthy pictures or ones that glow with your creativity, the plethora of features present in Enlight Apk will fulfill all your image demands. Starting with the two colors, one the presence and the other the absence of all colors, the black and white feature will never disappoint you.

The vintage filters will take you back to the Retro yesteryears while you experiment with light contrasts and vignettes. Are there times when you are debating with your thoughts over cropping that sun-kissed lock of hair only to fit the square frame? The Instafit feature comes to your rescue by providing you an alternative to posting your photos by adding blurred or patterned background instead of cropping them.

There are even times when that blue shirt might have looked better with a shade of black or a touch of dark green. Make use of the Adjust feature on Enlight Apk to do just that. A correction here and a contrast there will definitely save your day. You can restore the lost details and regain the clarity that went unnoticed by the camera, with the help of the noise reduction tool. The entire picture is picture perfect except for the small area under the eyes. This is where the target feature will help you remove that minute flaw while keeping the rest of the picture intact.
Enlight Apk
The refit feature is a mixture of crop and Instafit, where you can crop the image without compromising on the essential parts of the image. You can feed the street art freak in you by using the urban tool to add grime textures and spray paint platters to your images. In the latest version 1.2 of Enlight Apk, you can also toggle between the Mixer feature to create surreal effects and Duo feature to provide a double toned effect to your photograph. Are you a lover of bokeh? Or is confetti your newfound love? Or probably it is snow that you dwell in? Irrespective of whatever your needs be, you can use the effects feature to achieve your purpose.

This app may not provide the editing subtlety of VCSO CAM, but it more than makes up by providing more than its money’s worth. Besides, its ocean of vivid features only strengthens its case.

Summing Up

Enlight Apk
The app is a very convenient photo-editing app. You can simply download the latest Enlight Apk version 1.2 from the Apple app store. Then install it on your device and get started with editing your pictures. To edit your images, you do not need an internet connection once your device is installed. Besides providing you with quality features for your images, Enlight enables you to take control of the density and concentration of the filters very easily. Thus, the variety of standard features does not compromise on the photo editing capacity of Enlight.