Enlight The iPhone Photo Editor App

Photo editing apps have been around as long as the App Store itself, despite everything these photo editing apps are getting better and better. Another new mobile application called Enlight: The iPhone Photo Editor App has been gaining attention since it launched for iPhone users. It has been launched in the market with an aim to be an app with every function that the users required for photo editing combined into a single app.

With Enlight, you can change color, tone, add filters, details of the image, add effects to pictures and numerous different things. The list of this current application’s features appears to be unending.

This new iPhone Photo Editor App is intended to be capable like Photoshop on a desktop, yet instinctively simple to utilize. Every mobile photographer is aware of the fact that there are many photo editing apps accessible, yet Lightricks says the simple-to-use app format makes Enlight different from other editing applications.

Enlight Your Photo With Best Editing Functions

Enlight App

Enlight indeed is featured stuffed, guaranteeing even the most exceedingly terrible of photographs have a chance to shine. The very first time when you utilize this iPhone Photo Editor App, it can usually annoy you with pop-ups clarifying how every component functions. When you get those off the beaten path, the experience turns out to be great.

Getting around in Enlight With Next Level Features

Better shapes: Many editing apps let you include shapes as overlays, yet with Enlight, you can include brush impacts that paint snowflakes, air pockets, hearts and a few different shapes on to your photograph. Different applications do this editing fair enough, yet Enlight’s designs feel more ultra-fine, making the shapes considerably more appealing for use.

Incredible Tutorials: 
For each Enlight tool, you can directly touch button to perceive how it functions and see a simple illustration of how you may utilize it. Different applications may have an overlay when you first start to bring up what each icon does. However, this iPhone Photo Editor App gives you the full overview of tutorials for each element.

Offer with everybody: 
Enlight gives you a chance to share to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, using email and through Messages. You can also open your picture in a few supported apps for additionally altering.

How to Edit Photos In Enlight?

Enlight coordinates your iPhone’s photo library directly into the editing app interface, making it brisk and straightforward to fetch the picture you need to edit from the Photo Drawer at screen bottom.

You can likewise expand the Photo Drawer just by swiping up from screen bottom. This fills the whole screen with your photos, making it less demanding to look through your pictures: To open an image from the other album, simply tap the Albums choice at the upper left of the screen.

The iPhone Photo Editor App gives eight various editing tools that are helpful in photo editing. The editing tools includes: Canvas, Picture, Filters, Brushes, Tools, Text, Artistic, and Finalize.

Canvas: This option in an edit menu has three primary tools: Refit, Skew, and Crop.

Picture: This option in an edit menu contains three primary tools: Target, Clarity, and Adjust.

Filter: The Filters contains an assortment of preset filter impacts that you can use to change the look and feel of your photographs. There are three classes of filters include Duo, BW, and Analog.

Tools: It has four unique tools for controlling your pictures: Tilt-Shift, Mixer, Heal and Reshape.

Artistic: If you really need to push your creativeness much further, you should experiment with the Artistic devices in Enlight app.
Here you have three essential tools: Sketch, Urban, and Painting. These options can be utilized to change your photographs into an extraordinary digital art piece.

Brushes: This option gives you a chance to draw and paint on your photographs. This area has two unique tools: Effects and Doodle.

Text Option: If you need to add text to your photo or wish to add caption your image, you can only do this with Enlight’s Text device. There are three text choices: Decals, Meme, and Type.

Finalize: The last but not the least option in the app’s editing menu is Finalize. This segment contains four essential tools: Collage, Frame, Instafit, and Border.

The Bottom Line: Enlight: iPhone Photo Editor App lives its guarantee of being a one-stop station for the photo editing, with helpful tutorials to enable you to begin.

Download Latest Version 1.3.6 Of Enlight App For iOS

In the modern era of social media, a lot of platforms out there and today’s youth want a stunning presence on those platforms from the core of the heart. Enlight app Version 1.3.6 can help them to achieve their desired number of fan following by its advanced and super cool features. A superior app designed by Lighttricks Ltd. to edit photos easily and effectively so that they’ll look impressive. Compatible with iPhone and iPad devices and numerous languages are included in it by default.

Enlight app Version 1.3.6

Enlight App

It has painterly and collage capabilities to convert your simple looking image into an extraordinary piece of art. Enlight App has extraordinary abilities like creative compositing with a new focused layer, image blending, and special effects.  It can manage raw files to provide you imaginative interface. It has gained a massive popularity among the designers and professional photographers who are using it every day to present their work to their prospective clients.

Its interface is designed with well-defined ways to adjust edits and effects. It’s a bit harder to control its new interface as they enable some of more advanced features by going beyond basic editing. While the app has instructional diagrams on how to use its feature will guide through your editing journey. For new users, it’s quite harder to be familiar with it but once they are it will become an obsession with them.

Advantages of having an account on Enlight

There are numerous advantages one can get using this photo editing app:

  • You can edit any number of photos
  • To make your photo monochromatic it uses black and white photography.
  • For the high level of customization, it has Duo and Analog filters.
  • Conversion of simple photos into a professional masterpiece is a matter of minutes.

Enlight App: The remarkable Features

Englight App is popular among many due to its exceptional features such as:

    1. Intelligent photo correction, which supports AI is one of its most impressive features and makes it stand alone in the race of editing. Its remarkable point is enabling the application to repair over or under-exposed photos in very few seconds and can retain the lost details in just a single swipe.
    2. For such compositing edge avoidance feature will work for you. But in its free version you can only mix its two layers but for going to mix all the five layers, you’ll need to a subscription of its paid pro version.
    3. It’s new and impressive Darkroom feature also available only it’s paid version which gives you a full control over tone, contrast and every other detail of photos to ensure that it’s nicely done and well organized or not.
    4. Its intuitive photo mixing features allows you to make a quality photo by overlaying two different photos. That will turn up to feel you like a professional when you’ll see your pieces in the art gallery. There are numerous blending modes that you can use for the merging the photos quite effectively.
    5. It also gives an option to personalize your photos by drawing, writing or even doodling on them directly. Borders, frames, text can be customized as per your choice and preferences. It also provides a number of special effects and decals that you can use to make your photo unique and stunning.
  1. Its super special feature allows you to compare your emerged piece of an impression to the older one. Autosave mode is enabled in it which will save your photo automatically when you miss it.
  2. Image perfection is another major and very impressive feature that gives it an upper hand in the market of editing apps. It is developed to add the brilliance in the photos by changing their tone, color and almost every other detail of the photo that will make photo’s editing look like professional.
  3. Analog and duo filters of it will make you feel some classic with the style of the vintage film. You can use its two-tone gradient feature to add color and can customize it vignette add light leaks to the photo to make it more retro.
  4. Creation of quality photos by black and white color has never been easier. To develop amazing monochromatic photos Enlight uses darkroom inspired techniques. You can also give an artistic touch to your photos by changing the intensity of the film.

Summing it up

Thus, Enlight is a master-editing tool that can help you create and customize all the photos you desire for.