Enlight The Definite Best Photo Editor For iPhone

iPhone photography has grown as a field in the lunar realm of camerawork and Enlight has a significant contribution to it too. When Instagram and Facebook launched their photo editing tools, the other apps were forced to amp up their game to attract more users. With the superb camera, edits and intuitive presets offered by iPhone, the finding the best photo editor for iPhone is quite difficult for the common crowd who are looking to add something extra to their images. Enlight is the solution to this dilemma that almost every iPhone photographer and digital manipulator faces.

The something extra in your clicks

Enlight App

Enlight brings life to every 2D picture you click. Whether you have an artistic taste or you are experimenting with double exposure, Enlight lets you play with a wealth of features, which can be used quite simply. To make your social media experience really thrilling and awesome, Enlight not only offers great editing tools but also helps you share them across platforms as soon as you are done editing.

It is true that iPhone makes the mobile captures quite lifelike which is a milestone that many other smartphones are yet to achieve. But it holds that realistic and natural photographs are not enough for turning the social media spotlight on you. This is where the best photo editor for iPhone comes into the picture. With Enlight, you can not only use basic fixes for your photographs, but also change colours, fine tune each preset filter and manipulate lighting, contrast and lens blur. Android users download enlight for your phone from here.

Canvas and Tools by Enlight

The Canvas option on the navigation tab allows you to add and control dimensions and perspective to the image by sub-options like crop, skew, rotate, flip, refit, and straighten. Selective adjustments are the USP of Enlight and there are various tools, which allow you to create your own filter and save it as favorites. You can reshape your image or the selective elements, which could appear bigger or smaller as you wish.

Removing blemishes as well as some elements, which are unwanted in your photo can also be achieved to make it more beautiful and surreal. The trending edits on Instagram and other photo-sharing social media apps includes the selective colouring in images. This is also easily possible with the best photo editor for iPhone as the ‘Mask’ tool lets you choose which areas of your image are painted black and white and which elements amaze you with their colours. Another tool is to add text in any font and drop shadows with blended modes.

This particularly awesome for creating memes and images that you would add to your Instagram and Facebook stories and highlights. People who want to doodle creatively can also choose from a range of brushes to add some magic or love to the images. The best part is that Enlight allows you to doodle in 3D by pushing some elements to the front of a creative background doodle or in the middle of a snowy spiral.

Simple to advanced

Enlight Apk

In today’s day and age of digitization, it is not exactly a challenge to express images from your mundane, day-to-day life as something unique, enrapturing and even magical using the best photo editor for iPhone. For every iPhone user, a photo editing app that works on enhancing the different aspects of the portrait and brings it to life would be a dream come true. Enlight does exactly that and would let you literally bring the life into any picture and abstract theme by selective superimposition and colour correction.

Enlight is one of the very few apps, which let you envision any abstract and complicated theme and bring it to life in a very simple as well as comprehensive way. You can experiment all you want and then go with the set of edits you like because there is nothing as satisfying as an edit done right with no room for artistic error. For artists who like to paint their own dreamlands and for the newbie photographer who is still learning the way around pro photo editing, this is the best photo editor for iPhone, which is trusted by many and has even won the Apple Design Award for 2017.