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How often do we face calculation crises when we go out to lunch with friends, colleagues or roommates? In today’s day and age, where we can use apps for almost every other work, Splitwise makes our job of splitting bills much more manageable. Splitwise recently updated the bill splitting app to include new features for connecting with friends and family. Suppose you have recurring costs that you need to split with your roomie every week or so- the app helps you add up your share with other expenses. You can calculate in any currency and add as many people to edit as you want. This is also great for keeping track of your expenses when your friend circle is planning to host a party or going on a trip. Also learn splitting bills with splitwise app.

Explore the application of bill splitting app

Splitwise doesn’t handle any real money, unlike digital wallets. This also means that you can record any kind of payments on Splitwise irrespective of whether it includes cash, net banking or wallet transactions. People who live away from home or with roommates often use many modes to transact. So, this app is perfect for getting simple calculations done right. Being in debt can be uncomfortable when you’re not always sure about calculations going right. It can also spark discord in your relationship with your friends and colleagues. Splitwise is the best way to avoid that while sharing bills and keeping track of IOUs to make sure that everyone gets paid back properly in time.

It is super easy to use the Splitwise app to divide household bills with flatmates, to work out costs for a group holiday, or just to remember when a friend joins you for lunch. This app is extremely handy for people who spend on a myriad of services and products on a regular basis. The app is supported by Android as well as iOS. You can view your balances on the go, track your own spending trends, set up reminders for due bills using email, and much more on any device such as Android, iPhone, or PC. In case you don’t have access to the app at any time of the day, you can go online and check out your account on the web.

Pros & Cons of Splitwise App

Splitwise is a great tool for college graduates and young professionals. The app has been reviewed by many bloggers and newspapers. But it is not without its cons yet. Click here to check it out.


1.    The app has introduced many new features with Splitwise Pro.
2.    It is flexible to calculate cost as there are always many variables which affect the cost-splitting.
3.    The app interface and use vary with device.
4.    The Splitwise app is extremely user-friendly with easy to use interface.


1.    There is no scope for basic currency conversion.
2.    No option for searching or looking up the older entries made by the user.

The features of splitwise app

The older version had many issues such as a problem with adding friends to any group and handling or viewing expenses when offline. The Internet is needed to log in and maintain the expenditure. However, the issue with finding older strings still persists. This is expected to be sorted in the next update for the iOS and Android App according to the Splitwise Support.

There is also no way to add a bank account or even personal details. Many people consider this as a security measure but some people would not be satisfied with that if they need to handle incomes from different sources. For instance, if the person wants to keep track of income from two different jobs or businesses separately, there is no option for adding different fields. However, the itemized bills and simplified debts are a great help for those who struggle with it.

College students, interns and residents as well as young professionals would find this super useful and handy for keeping friendships frictionless by clearing off any debts. It is also usual for busy working people to forget their bill due dates but this app sends email reminders to you for avoiding fines. All in all- a great app for everyone with practical application for the common man.