Totally Free Group Payment App – Splitwise

Have you ever tried splitting up of money in the group? The task is not only tedious but also irritating to keep track of changes. For that purpose, the group payment app, which also happens to be the group fun app, is here- Splitwise. It makes one of the most tedious tasks of bill splitting easy and fun.

With Splitwise, you can now send instant IOUs and settle your debts using payment modes such as Paytm, PayPal or Venmo. The simple user interface also makes it possible to use the group payment app easily for anyone. In case any of your friends, roommates or even colleagues has not yet made an account with Splitwise, an invite is sent automatically when you add their contact to the group. This allows every group member to be up to date with the settlement.

The features that make this app the best expense-keeping app

  • It’s completely free

The app is absolutely free that makes it very appealing to use. It’s a simple way to keep a record of every single detail that used to be irritating and time taking at one point of time. All your expenses related problems would be easily sorted out in no time and for no cost.

  • Keeps regular check

You may sometimes forget about checking upon your last month expenses, which can lead to calculation disasters. With group payment app- Splitwise you can not only work out expenses easily and also keep a regular check on the accumulated expenses.

  • Availability of fairness experts

Sometimes, we get with expenses and cost splitting. At that time we can use a helping hand that could help us out without getting judgmental. This app may be your that friend who can let you know the cost with fairness. The fairness expert of the Splitwise app helps you participate in the research with cool fairness and help you out with sharing problems with their expert advice.

  • Calculate expenses anywhere

Another problem that all of us face is unable to track keep a track of things in middle of nowhere. All of us try to rely on pen and paper, which can be difficult at times. With this app at hand you won’t need to save receipts to keep record of your expenses. You can download the app for your iPhones or Android and can keep adding the expenses as and when they take place. So you can use this app to record and maintain anywhere and at any time for small and big groups as well.

  • Notified reminders

Sometimes, we tend to forget about paying our bills, rents, etc. Splitwise, group payment app makes remembering all the bills easier for you by giving notified reminders. This can be very helpful in case you forget paying someone else back. Friendly reminders are very helpful to keep expenses in check.

App compatibility with other devices

There are many apps available online for expense managing but only a few of them are trustworthy. You must be very sure of what all, your app can do. An app unable to cater to your needs can cause you frustration. So, one must download apps after being very sure about it.

The Splitwise app does not only make the mind-numbing task of splitting bills fairly easy, it also provides a secure platform which can be accessed by you from anywhere to keep your records with your friends straight. Extra features cannot only be distracting but can also hinder the work that the app is supposed to perform. With the simple interface, this free app allows all iPhone and Android users to track the group payments and keep friendships friction free.

Consumers can easily split expenses with friends with the custom settings. In any group, you can select whom you have to split the check with and the group payment app works its fair math to ensure that everyone only pays as much as is needed of them. Once the settlement is done, you can simply close the thread and if you want to check it out later, the activity tab allows you to access it from anywhere. Since the app is cloud-based, the activities are saved offline and updated online. So download the app now to keep your records straight.